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Where to buy 1Click DVD To iPod 2 cheap license

Click the right mouse on the main application window. Shortcut Keys: Opens the User Guide F2: Opens the Registration Window F8: Opens the log file in Windows Notepad Figure 2. The wide screen Zoom feature will crop remove some or all of the horizontal black bars that may appear on a wide screen movie. The example shown below see Figure 3. The default setting for Zoom is "Half" which provides the best compromise between field of view and output display utilization. Zoom capability is not provided for full screen movies.

The "iPod Touch" and "iPhone" have zoom capability built into the hardware, so it's not necessary to use the "Zoom" option on these devices. To zoom, tap twice on the device screen during playback. The video resolution is automatically adjusted to fit each zoom ratio. A higher resolution may result in better video quality. If you are only viewing the movie on a hand held display, we recommend you choose the lowest video resolution which will result in good overall viewing and smaller file size.

Zoom on a full screen 4: None Zoom: Full Figure 3. Select the DVD reader or hard drive folder that contains the movie files. The software will attempt to choose your DVD reader at start up.

If you have more than one reader, you may need to select the preferred reader. Destination Folder: Select the destination where you would like the movie files stored. Choose the quality factor default is 20 which results in the desired file size and video quality. File Name: Choose the name of the output file.

When episodes are detected, a separate file is encoded for each episode. Each episode file will have an episode number appended to the file name. Episodes will appear grouped together in a sub-folder named after the 'File Name'.

Additional Options: If you click the right mouse button anywhere on the application, an options menu will be displayed as shown below: Refresh Source detection: Re-scans the Source DVD. Use this if you change DVDs and the information in the Options window has not refreshed to show the new source material.

Toggle Log Window visibility: Show or hide the log file window for the current copy session. The log file contains information about copy settings and DVD burning. You can also open the entire log file including previous copy sessions using the F8 keyboard key. This will open the entire log file "1clickdvdtoipod.

This is helpful if you want to quickly locate and save the log file to send to support in an email attachment. It is important that you include this log file with your email correspondence when requesting support.

Open Registration window: You can also determine the software version number in the window title bar. You can also use the F2 keyboard key to open the Registration window. Enable popup Hints: Show or hide the pop up hints that appear each time you hover over a control on the "Options" window.

Enable update notification: Launch an internet browser window to the website download page when a new version of the software becomes available for download. We strongly recommend you leave this option enabled to ensure you will be notified of bug fixes and changes to CPRx which are essential to handle new DVD movies.

Turn off computer after encoding: Enable or disable automatic shutdown of the computer after a successful encoding. This is useful if you wish to leave the computer unattended to convert a DVD and you want the computer to shut down after the encoding is completed. Enable CPRx error correction: This option is enabled by default. Warn before erasing output file: Enable this option if you want the application to warn you before overwriting an output file that already exists with the same name.

Preferred Audio Language: Select one language as your preferred audio language. To set your preferred audio language to a language which does not appear in the list box, remove the DVD and select from the list of all possible languages. If your preferred audio language is not available on a DVD, the default language of the DVD will be selected automatically.

Preferred Subtitle Language: Select one language as your preferred subtitle language. To set your preferred subtitle language to a language which does not appear in the list box, remove the DVD and select from the list of all possible languages.

If your preferred subtitle language is not available on a DVD, a warning message box will appear offering you the option to choose a different preferred subtitle language. Subtitles will only be encoded if the preferred subtitle language is available on the DVD.

Some DVD movies are presented in widescreen formats which exceed the standard These formats are often referred to as "cinematic widescreen" or "anamorphic widescreen" and their aspect ratios can vary between 1. Even if you select "Full Zoom" on these movies, you will still see horizontal black bars above and below the image after encoding. If you wish to reduce the size of the horizontal black bars even further, you can enable the "Cinemascope Zoom on this DVD" option which will zoom the movie further.

In most cases, if your DVD is presented in cinematic or anamorphic widescreen format, it will say so in text written on the back toward the bottom of the DVD box. This option returns to it's default unselected state each time a new DVD is detected. Widescreen movie in a Fullscreen format: Some widescreen movies are released on fullscreen DVDs. This is done intentionally to ensure that the whole width of the original film is available for viewing, even if it's viewed on a fullscreen television.

Zoom is not available for fullscreen movies you wouldn't normally want to zoom an already cropped fullscreen movie , but with these types of DVDs, you may wish to zoom the widescreen movie contained in the fullscreen format.

Enabling this feature permits you to use the zoom options on this type of DVD. Save Quality Factor: A Quality factor has been introduced to enable you to select the video quality which suites your taste. Increasing the video quality also increases the size of the file. Once you select a Quality factor, any change to video Resolution or Letterbox Zoom results in an automatic adjustment of the video bit-rate bits per second to ensure the quality remains constant.

If you wish to save your preferred Quality factor, you need to enable this option. The default Quality is Volume Level: The audio volume level for each mobile device is set automatically. If you need to reduce or increase the default volume level, you can do so using this option. Please note, each time you choose a new mobile device, the volume level will be reset to the default volume for that device.

Encode Movie for this DVD: The feature movie is detected automatically. If the program did not detect the movie on your DVD, you can force the detection of the movie with this option.

Select Television Episodes: Television episodes are detected automatically. If the program did not detect episodes on your DVD, you can force the detection of episodes with this option. Select All Titles: Special case DVDs are detected automatically.

Any DVD which does not contain a feature movie or television episodes is considered "Special". A couple of examples are: If the program did not detect all the titles on your DVD, you can force the detection of all titles. Choose episode to convert: If you only want to copy a single television episode instead of all episodes by default , you use this option to select a particular episode from the list of all episodes.

Select Portable Video Device:


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