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History[ edit ] Designer began as a component of PerForm, an Electronic forms software package created by Delrina. Delrina was bought by Symantec in , which subsequently sold its Electronic Forms division to JetForm in JetForm later renamed Accelio was purchased by Adobe in Adobe ended the support of the Accelio version of the product in In late , Designer was redesigned and released as the Adobe Forms Designer. In March , Adobe shipped Adobe Designer 6. This release added the ability to create dynamic forms that do not require the Adobe Form Server for dynamic features, tools for creating Email submissions, and the Paper Forms barcode tool.

Designer 7. Acrobat 8 shipped in November bundled with a new version of LiveCycle Designer version 8. However, owners of a prior licensed version of Acrobat Professional who qualify for and purchase an upgrade to Adobe Acrobat XI Professional also qualify for a [ http: Adobe suggests upgrading to Adobe Experience Manager Forms.

PDF forms made in Designer can be designed to be dynamic changing layout in response to data propagated from other sources , interactive capable of accepting user input or both. As of Designer 7. Designer works on a Windows only platform. Some features of Designer forms are dependent on 'user rights' activated through the Adobe LiveCycle Reader Extensions server product. This applies to all PDFs, even ones created with Acrobat and other 3rd party vendors.

Acrobat has been able to make forms since Acrobat 3. However, these are a type of form now called acroforms. Forms created by Designer are an incompatible type commonly XFA forms and are not in general compatible with existing non-Adobe software. Owners of Acrobat 7. When a form object is bound to an xml node , the value from that node may only be extracted once. If several objects share the same binding, only the first object will receive the node value when the form is processed.

There are limitations in the ability of Designer to parse HTML and display it in a form; Designer cannot handle a number of fundamental tags, including ordered list , unordered list and tables.

The system often reorders the entire form causing the user to have to start over. This problem has never been corrected but can be reduced by the user ensuring every field has a unique name i. Due to this, it does require a learning curve to both reduce and effectively handle the different bugs.

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