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Lovely new black color scheme No Thunderbolt 3 option Too few ports for its size While it doesn't represent a huge improvement of the original Surface Laptop, the Surface Laptop 2 offers enhancements in all the areas we were hoping for, including updated hardware that brings solid performance upgrades. This is a laptop that finally delivers on what Microsoft set out to do with the original: Read the full review: Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 Key things to look out for Watch the video above for the top 7 things to consider when buying a laptop. It's easy to get bogged down in the tech and spec soup of computer terminology, but there are a couple of key areas photographers need to think about. The first is the quality of the screen. This used to be more eye-sore than eye-candy, with appalling contrast and viewing angles, but thankfully IPS display tech fixes this and you shouldn't settle for anything less. An SSD solid state drive is a must as your primary storage in any new laptop.

Shop Best Buy for photo editing and graphic design software from reputable brands like Adobe, Corel, CyberLink, and more. Photo Editing Software. If you're a casual photographer who wants to spice up your shots, then entry-level photo editing software may be for you.5/5. Which is best adobe photoshop version? I have just been looking at the photoshop versions for another thread here and you can not buy CS6 on or another couple of sites I . I just called the number to buy a perpetual license. I was referred to third party resellers, including Best Buy and Office Max as well as I was told that Adobe will no longer sell Photoshop CS6, due to Adobe no longer offering technical support for the software.

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By Shawn Marran T If you have the cash to burn, you can simply go out and buy the best computer to run Photoshop and Lightroom. In the real world, however, buying a computer for photo editing is a daunting and expensive experience; especially for new photographers who have just started out. After buying a camera, lenses, and all the extras, your cash reserves might be depleted. The first question you should ask yourself is; do you travel around a lot, or do you mostly work from home? If you consider buying a laptop only, then also consider buying an additional large screen for photo editing.

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