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The World's Most Comprehensive VFX Plug-in Collection Boris Continuum Complete 8 AE delivers the most comprehensive VFX plug-in suite ever created for Macintosh and Windows versions of Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro CC, CS6, CS, CS5, and CS4. Guitar - Download Boris Continuum Complete 8 for Adobe AE & PrPro. Jan 23, · key small business Boris Continuum Complete 8 for Adobe AE & PrPro benefits, and how implementing the service/software download software Boris Continuum Complete 8 for Adobe AE & PrPro will impact the bottom line/5(4). Download Adobe After Effects CC, Adobe After Effects CC Buy Online Boris Continuum Complete 10 For Adobe Ae & Prpro Discount Corel Ventura 10, Corel Ventura 10 Microsoft PowerPoint Price, Microsoft PowerPoint

DV Fixer The BCC DV Fixer filter is designed to soften or remove diagonal stair-step artifacts aka jaggies from an image clip while protecting other areas of the image from the softening process. The filter uses proprietary algorithms to detect visible aliased diagonal edges that are typically found in DV video clips and then processes the pixels only along these edges to achieve a smooth artifact-free result. The filter is easy to use and features on-screen view modes, which are accessible via a convenient pop-up menu option within the filter user interface; this enables you to fine-tune the detected jaggy edges prior to performing any image processing.

With the advent of HD image technology, the image result may often be "too sharp". What this means is that certain areas in the image, such as the pores on a subject's skin, may become too prominent. The Smooth Tone filter applies a complex image smoothing-algorithm to these areas in the image but does not affect extreme specular highlights or catch-lights. This results in smoother skin tones while preserving important areas of detail contrast within the image. The look of cartoon rotoscope animation, which was recently popularized with feature films such as "A Scanner Darkly" and "A Waking Life" and may also be seen in memorable advertisement campaigns for Charles Schwab, was once only possible with many hours of painstaking rotoscope painting and compositing along with the use of large-scale dedicated image processing systems.

With the BCC Cartoon Look filter, this look is now available to anyone who can drop a filter onto a clip. The filter includes many preset looks and styles, all available via the filter's preset pop-up menu.

You can even make your own presets and apply them to any other clip in any project. This filter is easy to use, yet provides parameter controls to achieve the right look with any source material.

With the Charcoal Sketch filter, generating the look of an image that was created by an artist using charcoals has never been easier. Simply drop the filter onto any clip and the image is immediately transformed from a standard shot into a charcoal sketch. The filter includes easy-to-use pop-ups to determine the weight or line width and the desired level of detail.

The Pencil Sketch filter is another of the new "art-look" filters that are included in the BCC 6 set. Simply apply this filter to an image clip to emulate the look of an animated pencil-drawn sketch.

This filter includes many apply modes which can be used to blend the generated pencil lines with the original image to produce unique stylized looks.

Water color paint-style images can easily be generated from any source material with the addition of the BCC Water Color filter.

This filter includes the ability to control the color and weight of the contour edges as well as the desired level of contouring. Save your own preset looks or use the included user-modifiable preset looks to generate wash or water color effects. Digital video and still photography, while making it easier to have immediate access to source material, come with some disadvantages versus film source material.

Sometimes pixels on the sensor stop working - with the result of "bad" pixels in the image. Instead of clone-painting to remove or disguise the bad pixel in each frame, the BCC Pixel Fixer automates this process. Simply center one of the source points in the filter over the bad pixel and it is removed from every frame in the clip. This fast-to-render filter includes source points to remove up to 10 "bad" pixels per filter instance.

This filter is OpenGL hardware-accelerated. The new BCC Lightning filter can be used to emulate photorealistic, auto-animated lightning bolts that emanate from single or multiple sources sheet lightning , single bolt point-to-point timed strikes or even "Tesla Coil" high-voltage electrical plasma arcs.

Dozens of static and animated presets are available for this filter and are accessed via the built-in preset pop-up selector. Use the BCC Tile Mosaic filter to generate the look of hand-cut tiles from a still or moving clip of images.

The filter includes parameters to control the relief of the tiles as well as the shape of the tile pieces and the position of the light as it hits the tile surface. Other options include the ability to control the grout width and color.

Mar 20, - Building on the strengths of previous BCC releases, version 9 adds over 30 BCC 9 now features an overhauled online documentation system filled with BCC 9 AE will support Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro from the Customers who purchased BCC 8 after February 1, are eligible to. Jul 30, - Usually when an editor asks for Boris Continuum Complete (BCC), The BCC9 Adobe After Effects and Premiere plug-in costs $ while plug-in costs a hefty $1, from the Boris FX online store. Media Composer/NewsCutter/Symphony and Sony Vegas Pro. But It's Worth The Price of Admission! The World's Most Complete Plug-in Toolkit Boris Continuum Complete Would you like to buy this product in US $. Adobe After Effects CC , CC, CS6, CS Adobe Premiere Pro CC, CS6, CS Final Cut Pro X Final Cut Pro v7 Apple Motion 5 Avid Media Composer 5, 6, 7, 8 Avid Symphony 5, . Order online.

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With each new version, the company makes it better, faster and even more useful. This has been a two-year effort to build upon BCC 8, which was initially released in Boris Continuum Complete 9 sports over 30 new effects, including 23 new transitions. In total, BCC 9 versions for Avid Media Composer, Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro each offer over filters, including 3D extruded text, particle effects, image restoration tools, lens flares, keying and compositing and much more.

You can play or scrub through the clip and sample the various filter presets. Nearly all of the BCC filters and transitions come with a set of presets. Many users simply apply a filter, use its default and tweak the sliders a little. In doing so, they miss the wide range of looks that can actually be achieved. With this new FX Browser, you can apply a filter, open the FX Browser and see what each of the Boris presets will look like on your image.

In the left pane you see thumbnails for each preset. As you click on the options, the viewer displays your clip with that preset applied to it. Now adjust the sliders to fine-tune the effect to taste. This is a great way to preview different filters when you just need some creative inspiration. Transitions In the past, filters within the Boris Continuum Complete for After Effects version would also show up and work in Premiere Pro; however, the transitions functioned like they did in After Effects and not like a built-in Premiere Pro transition.

You would have to stack adjacent clips onto overlapping vertical tracks and transition between them, just like in After Effects. This means you can now apply a transition to the cut between two clips on the same track, just like a standard cross-dissolve. As with any of the filters, transitions may also be previewed in the FX Browser. Boris Continuum filters feature on-screen controls heads-up display or HUD to vary filter adjustments, in addition to the sliders in the control panel.

For example, overlay curves let you make nonlinear adjustments to wipes and dissolves without the need to add keyframes. Focus on quality and efficiency Over the last few versions, Boris FX has focused on improving the overall quality of all of the filters. Their BCC 2-strip Color filter is designed to accurately mimic the look of classic Technicolor films.

Many editors swear by the Boris keyers. Tools in this group include a matte choker and light wrap, which are typically used to finesse a key. Most editors end up applying a stack of these various filters to a clip, in order to get the cleanest result. New with BCC 9 is a chromakey studio filter, which combines all of the keying tools into one panel.

An improvement in this version is the addition of a built-in set of garbage masks to isolate the area needing to be keyed. Extras While most of the filters and effects are consistent across hosts, there are some host-specific variations. For instance, in the AVX package for Avid Media Composer, each filter is more complex, because Boris FX adds a geometry function for image transforms scale, position, etc.

Unfortunately, since these are extra functions required to augment Media Composer, it makes the AVX set more expensive than the AE version. BCC filters, in general, add more controls within each filter than do many of the competitors. If you only want a filter to alter the bright areas of an image, you can use Pixel Chooser to mask the image according the luminance values and then the effect is limited to that portion of the image.

Beat Reactor displays an overlay graphic of color bars for the music. These bounce up and down like a digital VU meter in response to the track. The bars may be used for reference and hidden — or they can also be rendered into the final output as an extra visual element. The Beat Reactor controls let you select the portion of this graph that is to affect the filter and the specific parameters to be controlled. Last, but not least, is a new online help system.

Having trouble figuring out a filter? Boris FX continues to improve and advance what has to be the best all-around editor toolkit on the market. Now that Avid Media Composer no longer comes bundled with a full set of BCC filters, new Avid editors will certainly want to invest in this package.

Best of all, the single purchase for the Adobe version covers you for After Effects, as well.


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