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Support across devices Deliver interactive content consistently for more runtimes across personal computers, mobile devices, and screens of virtually any size and resolution, and leverage integration with Adobe Device Central for enhanced testing and debugging. Top new features of Adobe Flash Professional CS5 New text engine Flash Professional CS5 adds support for the new Text Layout Framework built into Flash Player 10, enabling you to use print-quality typographic functionality and take the experiences you create to new heights.

Support for the Text Layout Framework provides rich, multilingual typographic control that previously was not available in Flash Professional, as well as a comprehensive set of APIs to manipulate text content, layout, and markup. The new text engine in Flash Professional CS5 also maintains layout and text formatting with greater fidelity when importing content from Adobe InDesign software and other Adobe products. Print-quality typographic control Designers have come to expect rich typographic control in applications like InDesign and Illustrator.

However, it's been extremely difficult or even impossible to set professional-level typography on the web--until now. With the Text Layout Framework support in Flash Professional CS5, designers can take advantage of rich typographical controls, including: Tab stops and CSS anti-aliasing are also supported. This support includes the ability to display and edit not only right-to-left scripts, but also top-to-bottom scripts, and those that often use a mixture of left-to-right and right-to-left scripts such as Arabic and Hebrew.

The new text engine offers additional features for East Asian typography, including an East Asian justifier, vertical text support, and Tate-Chu-Yoko, or blocks of horizontal text embedded into vertical runs of text.

Advanced inline text editing Working with text inside of Flash Professional is now a far more efficient and productive experience. Advanced rendering support While offering advanced typographic control to designers is important, you want to know that what you see on your screen matches your viewers' experience as well.

The Text Layout Framework builds on the history of consistent high-quality playback and display across multiple devices in Flash Player by adding support for transparency and for device and embedded fonts including anti-aliasing of embedded fonts.

A new embedded font format DefineFont4 provides improved typography features, international support, and reduced file sizes. Ability to distribute content virtually anywhere Deliver consistently across screens of virtually any size and use Adobe Device Central for enhanced device testing. The Distribution service available separately through Adobe Flash Platform Services offers free and paid methods for distributing applications to social networks, mobile devices, and desktops. It also enables developers and businesses to track the distribution of and user engagement with their applications, and enables monetization of applications through ad hosting.

Deliver to mobile and consumer devices. Deliver content that plays back on millions of devices worldwide. Deliver to desktop computers. Content displays with a consistent look and feel across operating systems and browsers. You can scrub video and view the timecode directly on the stage, making it easy to add custom cue points. The new Code Snippets panel lets you inject prebuilt code into projects, so you can work faster, freeing up more time for creativity.

In their uncompressed format, FLA files enable multiple users to work on the same projects. This compact and efficient file format both accurately maintains data in a Flash document and makes the individual elements easier to manage and use. For example, an image that is currently used in a Flash project could be checked out of a source control system, updated, and checked back in.

The next time you open the FLA project file, you would instantly see the updated image without having to manually import it into the project.

With better support for multiuser environments and cross-product compatibility, the XML-based format in Flash Professional offers the following benefits: Note that FLA files can be edited, but output. Main article: Flash Video files [spec 1] have a.

The use of vector graphics combined with program code allows Flash files to be smaller—and thus allows streams to use less bandwidth —than the corresponding bitmaps or video clips. For content in a single format such as just text, video, or audio , other alternatives may provide better performance and consume less CPU power than the corresponding Flash movie, for example, when using transparency or making large screen updates such as photographic or text fades.

In addition to a vector-rendering engine, the Flash Player includes a virtual machine called the ActionScript Virtual Machine AVM for scripting interactivity at run-time, with video, MP3-based audio, and bitmap graphics. As of Flash Player 8, it offers two video codecs: Flash Video Virtually all browser plugins for video are free of charge and cross-platform, including Adobe's offering of Flash Video, which was introduced with Flash version 6. Flash Video has been a popular choice for websites due to the large installed user base and programmability of Flash.

In , Apple publicly criticized Adobe Flash, including its implementation of video playback for not taking advantage of hardware acceleration, one reason Flash is not to be found on Apple's mobile devices. Soon after Apple's criticism, Adobe demoed and released a beta version of Flash Flash Flash Player supports two distinct modes of video playback, and hardware accelerated video decoding may not be used for older video content.

Such content causes excessive CPU usage compared to comparable content played with other players. Software Rendered Video Flash Player supports software rendered video since version 6. Such video supports vector animations displayed above the video content. This obligation may, depending on graphic APIs exposed by the operating system, prohibit using a video overlay , like a traditional multimedia player would use, with the consequence that color space conversion and scaling must happen in software.

Such video is displayed above all Flash content and takes advantage of video codec chipsets installed on the user's device. Developers must specifically use the "StageVideo" technology within Flash Player in order for hardware decoding to be enabled. Flash allows sample rates of 11, 22 and Flash Player Further information: ActionScript ActionScript is the programming language used by Flash. It is an enhanced superset of the ECMAScript programming language, with a classical Java -style class model, rather than JavaScript 's prototype model.

Several developers quickly created a C library for producing SWF. Macromedia also hired Middlesoft to create a freely available developers' kit for the SWF file format versions 3 to 5. Macromedia made the Flash Files specifications for versions 6 and later available only under a non-disclosure agreement , but they are widely available from various sites.

In April , the Flash SWF file format specification was released with details on the then newest version format Flash 8. Although still lacking specific information on the incorporated video compression formats On2, Sorenson Spark, etc.

The file format specification document is offered only to developers who agree to a license agreement that permits them to use the specifications only to develop programs that can export to the Flash file format.

The license does not allow the use of the specifications to create programs that can be used for playback of Flash files. The Flash 9 specification was made available under similar restrictions.

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