Exposure X5 Review. True Lightroom Alternative?

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Streamlined UI Design Another issue that drives me insane in Lightroom is the multi-module structure. There are certain things that I can do only in the Library module or only in the Develop module. This means that I have to switch from module to module upwards of times a day. Did I mention that this drives me crazy?

I always dreamed of a single module interface where I could customize the UI according to my needs. Guess what? Exposure X5 made my dream come true. The program uses a single module interface. The Metadata panel is positioned at the bottom right of the editing panel and the Folders panel is permanently featured on the left panel.

There is no jumping from module to module. Plus, I can customize and reposition the different panels however I want! Customizing User Interface 6. You can buy a perpetual license for a one-time fee. At the same time, I hate not having the ability to opt-out of the subscription.

For people who only use the editing program occasionally, it does not make sense to pay a monthly fee for a program they do not use. Exposure X5 is a great alternative if you want to ditch the Adobe subscription-based model. Learn more here. They had simulations for hundreds of different film brands and models, the ones you could further customize.

They transitioned all these simulations to Exposure X5 in the form of presets. The program comes with nearly presets that are organized into 29 collections. The Exposure X5 cones with 29 preset collections Exposure X5 has different types of preset collections: What is closest to my heart is that Exposure X5 has the most advanced and well thought out Presets Panel.

It has four different views: This means that, regardless of your workflow, you can adopt a Preset Panel that matches your specific needs. I always use the list view. I have my Style and Adjustment preset collections open so that when I move the mouse over any individual preset, the selected photo displays the effect in real-time.

It is fast and responsive. Overlays Panel The Overlay Panel allows us to apply visual effects to an image in the form of borders, light effects, and textures dust, scratches. I applied the Borders, the Light Effect and the Texture to the image. The Overlay Panel offers plenty of preinstalled presets that you can further customize. Bokeh Panel The Bokeh Panel offers some advanced controls to creatively use the blur effect. For example, you can use a circular blur with portraits and a plane blur with landscapes and cityscapes to create a miniature effect.

Lens Correction and Defringe Panels My biggest complaint about the previous version of Exposure X4 was the lack of tools available to remove chromatic aberration. At this point, I shoot with high-quality Fujifilm lenses and chromatic aberration is less of an issue. But when I open my older photos from my Canon and Sony days when I shot with lower quality lenses, chromatic aberration has to be addressed.

Since the previous version of Exposure X5 did not have defringe tools, I had to jump to another application. In this version, Alien Skin has added improved highlight and shadow recovering tools for RAW files, which makes it easier to extract the maximum tonal information from your files. Nevertheless, Exposure X4.

But it does offer adjustment layers and masks for combining adjustments and effects. You can create as many adjustment layers as you like, and apply the full range of editing tools and image effects to any of them.

You can create layer masks manually using a brush tool, or with a gradient or radial mask tool. You can build your own effects manually from scratch, but the presets give you a useful head start and also give you ideas for ways to process your pictures that you might not have thought of otherwise.

The key to many of Exposure X4. This has three sections for Borders, Light Effects and Textures. The Light Effects tools have been updated in this version. From being simply a tool to make pictures look as if they were taken on an old camera, the Light Effects can now be used to add simulated window flare or a hazy low sun effect to any kind of picture to add atmosphere.

Version 4. The big new addition in Exposure X4. Alien Skin has implemented LUTs support perfectly, right from the start. With Exposure X4. The rest of Exposure X4. No kidding. It also includes numerous film and slide types, styles, and special effects like daguerreotype, autochrome , lo-fi, bokeh, infrared, cross processing, split toning, color fading, and more. With your image in the main window, quickly mouse and hover through the categories to instantly preview changes to both images and settings.

After choosing a preset, you can then experiment further with film grain, vignettes, borders, textures, and light leaks. Light leak effect. Exposure, as a mature app, is a known quantity, and it is hardly a glorified Instagram. Alien Skin applies scientific analysis to older and discontinued films, microscopically analyzing film grain to deliver characteristic looks. As of this version, Exposure X doubles as an organizer, letting you import images directly from your camera card and view images in their existing folders and locations without importing them into the app.

You can also use the software to sort and filter images via flags, star ratings, and labels. A batch feature lets you rename multiple files simultaneously. The Overlays panel offers options for borders, light effects and textures.

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Exposure X5 Review. True Lightroom Alternative? Last Updated on November 5th, This article is a logical extension of my initial attempt to answer one of the most common questions I receive from the PhotoTraces community: What is the best Lightroom alternative? I created a simple quiz where, after answering a series of simple questions about your photography, you will receive a few of my recommendations. Today, I want to go deeper by reviewing one of the top Lightroom contenders: Exposure X5. What is Exposure X5?

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