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This software comes with all the features of AutoCAD tool. In addition, the user gets a comprehensive set of tools that help in automating control engineering jobs like numbering wires, building circuits, and producing material bills. You get a library of over , electrical symbols and components, when you use this software. This tool offers the feature real-time error checking. It also allows your electrical and mechanical teams to work together on digital prototypes built on the Autodesk Inventor Software.

This software was built to improve the performance of the control engineers. AutoCAD Electrical saves your time and effort and it also helps you in developing some innovative electrical solutions. The control engineers are using this software widely.

Autodesk has sold many tools till the date and the users have never complained about the efficiency of this software. Who should buy it? It is a powerful drafting tool for controls. It offers a rich collection of symbols, which you cannot find in other tools.

Creating the electrical control designs, panel layout, documentation, schematic designs for project management and completing normal designing and drafting tasks become very simple with this tool. This software applies drag and drop file organization through which reordering the files for electrical drafting projects becomes quite an effortless task. You will use it time and again, once you will learn it because it will decrease the time required for prototype development.

The data management time will also get reduced automatically and you will experience a dramatic boost in drafting productivity. What you need to learn before using AutoCAD electrical? You need to take a proper training of this tool and then you can perform the job of designing and drafting. Most of the training institutes provide their assistance for learning control design through standards-based drafting and PLC tools, organization of files and projects, automation of report generation, recognizing schematic symbol libraries, schematic design tools and real-time error checking.

You should also learn how to do preparation and presentation of the panel layout module, preparing 3D animations of the controls and circuits and producing compelling visuals for the project.

You can also buy this tool online and get the latest version of AutoCAD electrical with all the new and old features.

This software will improve your performance and credibility as an electrical engineer and it will help you in completing the design and drafting work quickly. Features Electrical engineering software to boost productivity AutoCAD Electrical engineering software automates common design tasks and facilitates drafting productivity. Electrical documentation Generate and update customized reports. Easily manage projects Use folders to organize drawings and reorder files for electrical drafting projects.

Electrical schematic design Reduce errors with automatic numbers for wires and tags for components. Circuit design and reuse Use Circuit Builder for simple electrical design.

Electrical schematic symbol libraries Select from a rich library of electrical symbols. Real-time error checking Catch problems before the build phase begins. Catalog Browser for parts Enhanced preview and direct component insertion. Interoperability with Inventor Seamless mechatronics solution with Inventor.


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