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Through the use of this app, one can create more accurate 2D drawings. The software comprises a set of essential drafting tools. A wide array of powerful documentation tools allows users to develop better technical drawings. The Trusted DWG technology enables users to share the results of their work easily.

Besides, this system is the best and the most accurate method for storing and exchanging data. The app has the in-built tools that boost the documentation work.

Due to them, users can work more effectively. The cloud, integrated desktop and a set of mobile AutoCAD solutions allow users to collaborate with their colleagues in one environment. This release has the enhanced interface. The New Tab is one more significant enhancement. This tool simplifies the procedure of working on the design of new or improvement of existing drawings. All active Ribbon users will also benefit because this edition offers a capability to preview blocks in a file.

One more enhancement is the introduction of Badges. These are small icons, modified with Erase, Move, Copy, Scale or other commands. The capability to preview the results of work made through the use of Fillet, Extend, Break or Chamfer commands also boosts productivity. This version is not the latest one but due to the low requirements to hardware and a wide set of useful options, this edition became the main desktop application of millions of designers.

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Yet for many building contractors and construction companies, there are additional factors that should also be taken into account when choosing between the two versions. It was brought out by Autodesk, Inc. The most notable differences involve 3D solids modeling, including wireframe views, shadows, and reflections. After all, bigger companies have more people to learn how to use the additional features, more opportunities to leverage the labor-saving tools built into full AutoCAD, and deeper pockets to pay for all, or so the logic goes. Smaller companies, on the other hand, can forego some of the technical wizardries and rely on tried-and-trusted manual methods to fill in the gaps like manually sketching 3D diagrams , and solid business relationships, rather than snazzy virtual reality. Let Your Market Decide The most important part of the equation is what your customers want.


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