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Correspondingly, so does the number of novice digital video editors. This book is for the beginning video editor who is eager to get started using the vast array of tools that Adobe Premiere Elements offers. Veteran author Keith Underdahl covers all the essentials of using Adobe Premiere Elements 8 to import video, create clips, put those clips together, add effects, work with sound and music, and output to DVD or the Internet. You'll feel like a pro in no time! Adobe Premiere Elements is the user-friendly video-editing software for even the most novice video editor This guide explains how to import video, edit clips, adjust sound, add music and effects, and more Includes tips for sharing movies on YouTube, Blu-ray discs, and mobile phones Tackles tricky topics in the fun and friendly way that has made the For Dummies brand world renowned Whether you're looking to use Adobe Premiere Elements so you can post a hilarious homemade movie on YouTube or create a memorable film for your next family gathering, Premiere Elements 8 For Dummies, 2nd Edition will show you how. It walks you through the software and how to use it. You will be amazed at the stuff you can do after learning what this software can do.

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Granted I've never done this on a windows phone, only on a desktop or tablet. but imo they are not context aware; they're half baked. I also like the idea that I can have 10-20 windows open on my double-screen desktop and arrange them like sheets of paper on a desk.

The Windows 8 tiled screen is clumsy and just isn't as "easy" to use. Messy desktop or not, I can get around easy, find things easy and see more than one thing at a time easy. This makes me MORE PRODUCTIVE. I hate that the metro "start menu" takes over the entire screen.


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