Buy OEM Cakewalk Sonar 8 Producer Edition

Buy OEM Cakewalk Sonar 8 Producer Edition

Aim Assist Cursor—Visual guide to assist in lining up cursor for precision editing. Split and Mute Tools—can now edit multiple clips simultaneously. Free Edit Tool—for performing edits by clips or by time without the need of a modifier key. Recording Enhancements: Additional Enhancements: Enhanced Sample Rate Conversion—now employs the same fast convolution engine as the LP series bit mastering plug-ins. Workflow Enhancements include: Insert Send Assistant—provides a fast and easy way to create effect buses and insert sends to new or existing buses.

Updated ACT Presets—mappings for popular plug-ins and controllers. Templates—over new production ready Track Templates and Project Templates. Patterns—New collection of drum pattern presets for the integrated Step Sequencer. New Instruments Include: Beatscape provides pads to load and trigger loops or samples for sequencing your productions and beats. Each pad features a full powered REX player, Rapture-style step generator, multiple effect processors, and sophisticated groove slicing and dicing tools powered by Cakewalk's own AudioSnap technology.

Use the built in browser to quickly load clips and loops from your collection of previously recorded material, or choose from the massive 4GB REX library of included beats, breaks and phrases in a multitude of genres ranging from house, drum n' bass, hip hop, techno, glitch, latin, reggaeton, and more from the pros at Heatseekers and XMiX.

Beatscape is the ultimate remixing instrument. Combine audio clips from multiple recording sessions and use the 16 pads to sequence them live or into a SONAR track. Features include: Rearrange loop slices using the 'timber reorder' slice arranger in BeatScape's Loop Editor window to make new loops or variations of loops.

Built in Step Generator allows users to quickly and visually draw per-step changes in amplitude, panning, pitch, or LP filter with resonance on individual loops or samples. Make your loops sound the way you want with 17 built in high quality effects. With 3 effect inserts per pad, beatscape can handle 48 effects at once.

Slices from each loop are mapped to their corresponding MIDI channel for pattern programming. Easy MIDI mapping lets you simultaneously trigger entire loops and individual slices. Dimension Pro—SONAR now includes a full version of the acclaimed synthesizer that combines real instruments with advanced synthesis for endless sound possibilities. The underpinnings of Dimension Pro's creative possibilities is the powerful Cakewalk's Expression Engine providing several types of synthesis including multi-sample rendering, wavetable synthesis, waveguide synthesis, and REX playback and manipulation.

Included Content for Dimension Pro: Comping at its core improves the overdubbing process and streamlines the post-recording and editing experience. That means superior plugin management, low CPU loads, and improved visual workspace. Gobbler Integrated saving and sharing on the cloud. Upload your projects anywhere, anytime - without having to leave your DAW. Backup all of your work and never worry about losing a single shred of data ever again.

Store your work as long as you want. Share with your friends and colleagues with a single click of the mouse. Gobbler will do the rest.

YouTube is one of the most widely used social media platforms in the world for musicians and artists. Enter the Matrix Welcome to a non-linear world.

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Buy Buy OEM Cakewalk Sonar 8 Producer Edition

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Cakewalk Sonar 8 Producer Edition Software - The Best Music Sequencer Today.

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