Buy OEM Msoffice Home and Business 2013

Buy OEM Msoffice Home and Business 2013

BloodHoundGang May 16, at MS has really "screwed the pooch" with this one. I'm not going to go into much of a rant, but they really need to rethink their approach to this process.

For smaller companies that just want to install their products for one set price instead of paying for a subscription that would eventually cost more than it's worth considering there are other products that can do most of the same functions for free they have made it almost impossible to track the actual product key.

Especially if you don't keep track from the beginning, yet they wont tell you that upfront. Thank you Jim for the info. Too bad it is too late to do most people any good. On top of that don't call their support unless your willing to waste at least a hour of your time. I spent 45 minutes on the phone with support, being transferred to three departments, before being disconnected.

After calling back with a "case number" I was transferred twice. After being on the phone for another 30 minutes, I was told my issue was a "known issue" and would be resolved in 24 hours. After two days it still isn't resolved and I don't have the time to waste sitting on the phone with "Microsoft support".

Again I don't want to go into too much a rant but MS seriously needs to re-think their approach to the new office. Yeah I get their trying to make as much as a profit as they can, but at what cost.

If more IT professionals get wise to the free options available, and don't need the "extras" or the headaches that office comes with, they will eventually quit buying MS products.

If we can get end users to adapt to a small change in interface I know this is a bit of a "pipe dream" due to the fact that MS has a FIRM hold on business production because most companies have been using them for the last decade. The switch would be too involved to get results the CEO's want. Even though after a couple years they would seriously start to see a decrease in IT cost due to the lack of needing to overpay for a product that's over rated anyway.

Again just me venting. Thanks for listening.

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Today, Microsoft announced an update to Office retail licensing agreement that should quell the uprising and force customers to put away the torches and pitchforks. Effective immediately, customers who purchase or have already purchased the Office Home and Student , Office Home and Business , Office Professional suites, or any of the standalone Office applications can move the software to another computer once every 90 days. Microsoft changed the Office licensing in response to customer backlash. A couple weeks ago, Microsoft explained the Office licensing to specify that it is non-transferrable. In a nutshell, if you bought Office and installed it on a PC, and then that PC was stolen next week, Microsoft would expect you to buy a brand new copy of Office to install on your new replacement PC. A post on the Office News blog today announces that Microsoft has listened to the customer feedback, and is immediately changing the Office licensing policy to match the language of the Office retail licensing.


Microsoft Office Home and Business 2013

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