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Like any automatic tool, Instant Movie doesn't always produce great movies. The results do tend to be pleasant, though sometimes rough, with the clip order not always logical or smooth. You may prefer to use Premiere Elements 8's manual tools to edit the Instant Movie, or to start your own from scratch. Smart Fix attempts to automatically correct the imperfections--such as an underexposed clip--that Smart Tags has flagged.

Smart Trim uses SmartTags to determine which portions of a video should remain and which should go, as well as to weigh the interest of various sections.

You can set Smart Trim either to work automatically or to mark the areas of video it recommends for trimming; if you select the latter, you can then manually trim, adjust, or retain pieces, all in an easy-to-use timeline. Smart Mix balances different sound sources so that the background music doesn't drown out narration or dialogue. Again, you can override Smart Mix's choices.

In our tests, both Smart Trim and Smart Mix worked seamlessly, taking the drudgery out of critical video editing processes.

Smart Fix tended to do a good job on the most obvious fixable problems. In Premiere Elements 8, you can now add still photos to movies, even if you don't have Photoshop Elements installed. The library of templates, effects, transitions, and graphics has expanded, and now includes animated clip art that you can drag and drop into a film clip. Afterward you can add the new Motion Tracking to move objects within the video, making an animated butterfly flit around the head of a skipping child, for instance.

A nice selection of Flash and Acrobat tutorials, categorized by the level of difficulty and the type of activity, is accessible within the interface, though the tutorials are not context-sensitive.

However, only a few are available to the general user. To access Adobe's large and expanding library of lessons, you have to purchase a Plus Photoshop. We think such tutorials should be free to all registered users, as they are for many other programs. And I'm still unhappy with the way Adobe handles AVCHD import; it tries and fails to process all the ancillary files that are part of the directory structure, and doesn't give you the option to copy the entire file structure wholesale so that it can be played back or just burned as if it's a disc.

And if you're planning on burning AVCHD discs, keep in mind that the software doesn't yet support version 2. Via the Organizer you can now directly upload unedited videos to YouTube as well. The application itself uses the same task-oriented architecture as Photoshop Elements, with Project, Edit, Disc Menus, and Share modes that are fairly straightforward.

It uses a traditional video-editing interface, with both timeline and scene editing views. There's a bit of a learning curve to understanding even the basics for simple effects and transitions, but it's no worse--and no better--than most other video-editing software when it comes to ease of use. There are only a couple of significant new features in version Adobe has added a new Three-Way Color Corrector, which splits corrections for highlights, midtones, and shadows.

While useful, I wish it had a way to do coarse changes on all three channels at once, then unlock them to fine-tune them individually. It also adds Auto Tone and Vibrance--both handy for automatic corrections--which should be familiar to Photoshop users. Adobe also adds a pan and zoom, which lets you move around and dive into still images, and it can automatically pan around to identified faces.

It's easy to use, but can be annoying:

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Adobe Premiere Elements 8 Review By - January 1, Do consumers even need video editing software in this age of instant gratification, when we can grab short clips on our camera phones for posting directly to YouTube? Well, yes, there still is a place for shooting important events like concerts and sports and birthdays, and then spending some time creating fun movies to share with others. Then do we need a new video editing tool? What else do you need? Why Video Editing with Adobe Elements?

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