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Mappoint The differences mostly have to do with the shapes being drawn on a round globe as opposed to a flat presentation or document. Setting the name of a shape gives you a way to access the shape by name using the Item property of the Shapes collection.

The name never appears in the user interface; it is only used when programming with the MapPoint object model. Drawing lines A line is defined by two Location objects. Use the AddLine method to draw a line. To learn more about Location objects, see Working with locations and finding places and address in the MapPoint object model. The following code example shows how to draw a line on the map.

ActiveMap oMap. FindResults "Pacific Ocean" 1. AddLine locLA, locTokyo. To create a polyline, pass an array of Location objects to the AddPolyline method. A polyline that has only two vertices is a line, even if it was created with the AddPolyline method.

Distances are measured in GeoUnits. For information about calculating a distance, see "Measuring distances" in Working with locations and finding places and address in the MapPoint object model. Union arrTri. GoTo ' Create and name the shape oMap. AddPolyline arrTri. This time is usually negligible, but it adds up quickly when operations involve more than a few hundred objects. If you are drawing complex shapes, you could be working with hundreds of Location objects and thus spending a lot of time setting up the communication between Visual Basic and MapPoint.

An add-in runs as part of MapPoint, not as a separate program, which makes communication faster and can result in a significant performance gain. For more information, see About creating a COM add-in. Modifying polylines To modify a polyline, use the Vertices property. This property is the array of locations that were used to create the polyline. By setting the Vertices property to a new array of locations, you can modify an existing polyline.

There are three types of AutoShapes: Rectangle and oval shapes have separate Width and Height properties. In the radius shape, Width and Height are always equal, and so setting one sets the other.

The following code example draws AutoShapes of each type. FindResults "Europe" 1. AddShape geoShapeOval, locDublin, , We all can be part of the solution. Digital downloads are the "green" answer to demanding fewer resources for your computer's needs. What you get is software with an environmental footprint of zero while still staying up-to-date. Digital downloads are one part of the larger trend in making our lives - both professional and personal - cleaner, more efficient, and better.

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MapPoint - PushPins - load - delete - etc. AddShape geoShapeRadius, locRome, , AddShape geoShapeRectangle, locWarsaw, , The radius shape has a directional line that shows the size of the radius in miles or kilometers.

You can change the angle of the directional line by using the Adjustments collection. There is only one adjustment in MapPoint: Location oMap. FindResults "Luzon" 1. The FontColor property changes the color of the text. The following code example draws a text box.

FindResults "Canada" 1. AddTextbox oMap. Location, , oShp. To create a drivetime zone, use the AddDrivetimeZone method. The following code example creates a minute drivetime zone that is drawn behind beneath roads. You can also use the ZOrder method to specify that a shape be drawn behind roads. AddShape geoShapeRectangle, oMap. FindResults "London, England" 1 , , shpLondon.

AddShape geoShapeOval, oMap. FindResults "Paris, France" 1 , , shpParis. AddShape geoShapeRadius, oMap. FindResults "Brussles, Belgium" 1 , , shpBrussles.

Cheap price Buy online microsoft mappoint 2006 europe

Start New Topic taoyue Got my copy today. Provantage destroyed the box by sending it in a bubble mailer. So no pictures from me. We'll wait for Eric's. Left-drag to pan, right-drag to select. You no longer need to keep switching back-and-forth between the two tools when moving around the map.

Saves a huge amount of clicks and mouse travel in normal usage. This feature doesn't quite make up for the lack of scrollwheel-zoom-on-cursor-location, but narrows the gap in usability. This one change should get written down in the UI design handbooks to show how a tiny change can make for great improvements in user happiness. I'm happy. Hope to see more fit-and-finish work in future versions. Further nitpick: Still using the old Office style Mappoint program icon?

Take note of the System Requirements: I'm a big believer in "UI should feel natural. And honestly, all the MapPoint users do deserve this "earlier" release, since they've had to wait for this update for over two years, since May of , when MapPoint the North American version was released.

What has changed since MapPoint ? MapPoint Map data MapPoint now has approximately 2 years fresher map data than the previous MapPoint version. While the address find feature is still not functional for Mexico, the country now does contain street-level map coverage for even many smaller towns. Are you planning a vacation in Mexico soon? Microsoft Mappoint is the only GPS product that I'm aware of, that actually does include navigable map data for popular tourist destinations including locations such as Acapulco, Ixtapa, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta.

Full-screen navigation mode Full screen navigation mode was not present in MapPoint For those who don't know: Mappoint is the business version of the product. It includes demographic data for business analysis. MapPoint updates less frequently. Last two versions were MapPoint , and MapPoint Now MapPoint users can finally enjoy it as well. This is a very handy feature that uses online database to search for POIs points of interest. The new implementation of this feature in MapPoint has corrected this issue.

Reverse Route option A click of a button can reverse the order of stops in the Route Planner pane. This feature was added to Microsoft Streets and Trips , and now it is also available to Microsoft MapPoint users. It was then called "Perspective map view". There were problems with it, and the feature didn't become popular. Issues reported by users have been addressed, and it appears to be usable now. I had a chance to briefly test to today. It works as it should. This feature is optional. Turn it on if you like it, Don't use it if you don't.

I personally do like it. The first picture above shows MapPoint with the feature off, and the second picture is me driving home with the feature on. Most users liked it, but some users said they wanted the ability to turn it off. Microsoft understood the concerns involved, and the new implementation of this feature in MapPoint allows users to turn in off, or keep it on.

Voice direction prompts that include street names This feature is new to MapPoint , and it will be new even to Microsoft Streets and Trips , when it releases some time in September Previous versions would simply say: The following are random new items located in MapPoint Options: There is no longer the need to visit online communities to read about rumors of upcoming update. Your Mappoint will automatically notify you when MapPoint , or MapPoint , or Mappoint becomes available.

Remove the check-mark if you just cannot stand Microsoft Anna mispronouncing the name of your street. I see truckers, RVers, and others sending thank-you cards to Microsoft for not making the auto re-route mandatory. This feature will make many people very happy! Start GPS when program starts! Nice touch, Microsoft!



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