CD Architect 5.2 buy online

CD Architect 5.2 buy online

Alternatives to Sony CD Architect? It's not Pyro. Sonar 7 comes with a small utility which supposedly allows you to simply select a bunch of songs and burn them to a CD. That's it. End of story. It's not an editor. It's just a small box that pops up with a few buttons.

I tried using it this morning just to see if it works and it didn't work for me. Not sure why. I guess I'll actually have to read the online help and find out why. The manual doesn't explain much of anything about it except make mention of the fact it exists. I looked at Pyro a few years ago and instantly didn't like it. I'm surprised to hear someone didn't like CD Architect though. I've been using that for years and I think it's about as close to the perfect CD authoring program as you can get.

I mean, I'm not sure what else you would need a CD authoring program to do. Agreed it's not a full-feature editor but I don't think that's what it's supposed to be. I have also been using Samplitude Pro lately to do a lot of CD authoring and mastering. It's a few steps above CD Architect but also like ten times more expensive.

My opinion - if you're using SoundForge even if it's a lite version you should probably just get CD Architect. The hotkeys and layout will be familiar to you. The learning curve will be minimal. My only beef with Nero and Roxio is the amount of additional crud they package in with those apps.

The last version of Roxio was a nightmare for me and I ended up removing it from my system.

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