Change Language Windows 7

change language windows 7

In the window that appears, click the icon. You may type in a language to add or select from the list. After you select a language, you'll be asked to pick a region. You should now see the new language under the Languages section. Click the new language again and select the button.

Aug 31, - Learn how to customize your keyboard for a specific language or format to control which characters Applies to: Windows 7Windows Oct 18, - Describes Windows 7 language packs for computers that are How to change the interface of Windows 7 after a language pack is installed. Dec 28, - Windows 7 allows you to change the system language yourself. If you purchased a computer having English installed, and you want to change.

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How To Change Windows 7 Display Language to Arabic

Pooja S Last Updated: November 1, Leave a Comment Generally all Windows computer have English as default language which is popular and handy to the most of computer users but whenever you need to type in different languages as per your requirements you need to change keyboard language to the desired one from default language, also a non-English speaking person mostly needs their native language as the keyboard input. This can be done by changing the language as well as the keyboard settings. It is important to note that when one switches languages in Windows, configuration of settings happens as per the application. The input language has to be changed depending on the program that is being used.

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