Cheap windows 8 software

cheap windows 8 software

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Cheap Windows 8 Software

Don’t Downgrade From Windows 10 to Windows

Between botched updates , treating its users as beta testers , and adding features we never wanted it can be tempting to downgrade. We installed Windows 8. Instead, it had a Start Screen. Windows 8. You can install a replacement program like Classic Shell or Start Menu 8, but that comes with its own issues.

Classic Shell stopped active development, so you are opening yourself up to potential vulnerabilities. And other programs like Start Menu 8 either cost money, push extra add-ons, or both. Just look at this default install of Start Menu 8: Clicking on any of those top four options will install programs immediately. With Windows 10, Microsoft finally brought back the Start Menu. And more importantly, you can cut out all the tiles and get a look very close to Windows 7 if you prefer.

Instead of using the separate desktop view, apps are maximized and take up the entire screen. The best thing to do was to optimize Windows 8. Microsoft finally solved the problem in Windows 10 by dumping the Start Screen and putting the emphasis back on the desktop. And while there are again programs to bypass this behavior on Windows 8, just like the Start Screen apps, they either cost money, come with extras, or both. While we have complained about the unnecessary features Microsoft has added, security has been a top priority.

These features lock down the OS and make it harder to infect and hijack your system. And just like Windows 7, mainstream support has already ended. Even with Windows 10, Microsoft focuses on its newest version first, which is true of any software company. When End of Service does hit, that means Microsoft will not patch any vulnerabilities or release any updates to prevent viruses from infecting your system.

Usually, as End of Service hits, other programs stop support for those versions of Windows. So you will be left with vulnerabilities in your OS and your installed software.

While it may be true that Windows 10 Updates have been problematic, there are ways to mitigate this. Insider previews are the least stable by design. If possible, upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, which will let you delay updates. Microsoft introduced a policy in that limited support for newer processors.

But without updates, running Windows 8. If you do have a Windows 8. So you could just as easily stay on Windows 10 for free. Just Stick with Windows 10 Absence makes the heart grow fonder, or distance just makes things blurry. Put down the rose-colored glasses: In the course of writing this article, we installed Windows 8.

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