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Hardware versions introduce new virtual hardware functionality and new features while enabling VMware to run legacy operating systems in our virtual machines. New features included in this hardware version: This enables very processor intensive applications to be run in a virtual machine. Running virtual machines with 16 vCPUs requires that both your host and guest operating system support 16 logical processors.

Your physical machine must have at least 8 cores with hyper-threading enabled to power on a virtual machine with this configuration.

Given the limitations of most operating systems to boot from disks greater than 2 Terabytes, These large disks are most useful as secondary drives for file storage. To use a disk greater than 2TB for a boot disk, your guest operating system would need to boot using EFI in order to read a GPT formatted disk which is required to access all of the sectors on a disk of this size.

Additionally, the Buslogic controller is not capable of supporting a disk greater than 2TB. This enables use of in-box SATA drivers that are shipped with operation systems. For customers running Workstation 10 on laptops with small hard disks, large data files, video files etc. This provides you with more virtual networks to dedicate to specific uses, and it enables more complex networked virtual environments to be built. SSD Pass-through Windows 8 is capable of detecting when it is being run from a solid state drive SSD and optimizes itself for this hardware.

In Workstation 10, the guest operating system will be able to detect when the virtual machine Disk file is being stored on an SSD drive and the operating system can make the same optimizations when it is running in a virtual machine. Many additional changes have been made to this Hardware Version including some performance improvements, power savings, and compatibility with new processors.

We have also made significant improvements in the startup time of VMware Workstation and in Windows boot time when running Windows virtual machines.

Expiring Virtual Machines VMware has enhanced the capabilities of Restricted Virtual Machines to include the ability to expire a virtual machine on a specified date and time. This feature enables our customers to create virtual machines to be shared with employees, students, customers, contractors, etc.

The restricted virtual machine will run until their contract terminates, demo runs out, or course ends. The expiring capability establishes a secure connection to a web server to validate the current date and time and prevent users from rolling back their system clock to circumvent the logic.

The ability to set the synchronization frequency has been added to allow customers to balance the need for timely expiration and the load on their network. Expiring virtual machines also include the ability to display a custom message for virtual machines about to expire and after a virtual machine has expired.

Finally, a lease period can be defined to allow users to run offline for plane trips and remote work.

Last year VMware enabled touch screen input to be passed through to the virtual machine. Customers who run Workstation 10 on a Windows 8 tablet and install Windows 8 in a VM, will be able to shake, twirl, tilt, and spin their tablet and sensor aware applications running in a virtual machine will respond accordingly. User Interface Enhancements There are many user interface improvements that we have included in the Workstation 10 release.

The highlights include: Microsoft Store applications are now available in the Unity menu and can be launched directly from it. Multiple Monitor Navigation When running with 2, 3, 4 or more monitors it has been frustrating to use the full screen mode in Workstation and toggle through each combination of monitors to get to the one you want. The full screen toolbar now has an option to choose your configuration from a menu and jump to it immediately.

Power Off Suspended Virtual Machines Workstation 10 lets you simply power off a suspended Virtual Machine in order to make changes to the configuration without powering it on and then off first. Powering off a suspended virtual machine will lose any information stored in memory, but will not lose anything saved to the virtual disk.

Remote Hardware Upgrade When working with virtual machines running remotely on vSphere or on another instance of Workstation, you can now remotely upgrade the virtual hardware version. Localized into Simplified Chinese The Workstation user interface and online help has been translated into Simplified Chinese. The Converter enables users to turn a physical machine into a virtual machine.

The OVFTool is also used to import an. OVF file which may come in handy when importing virtual machines created using desktop virtualization software developed by Oracle. Cloud Management Tools The VMware Workstation team has been making enhancements and working with partners to enable cloud management tools to be used with virtual machines running in VMware Workstation See http: See https: Embedded day Trial Workstation 10 can now be evaluated for days by simply entering your email address the first time you run the application.

This change is intended to make it much easier for our customers to learn about the latest release of VMware Workstation without their license keys being trapped by spam filters.

VMware KVM Many of our customers have asked for a way to run a virtual machine so that their users do not realize they are running in a virtual machine. Run vmware-kvm. The user experience should be just like that of using a KVM switch - hence the name. If you simply type vmware-kvm. If you run vmware-kvm. This is the latest generation of an executable previously called VMware-fullscreen.

WSX 1.

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Cheapest price Cheapest Vmware Workstation 10

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VMware Workstation 10

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