Corel designer technical suite x5 best price

Corel designer technical suite x5 best price

December 4, By David Cohn The needs of engineering, marketing and technical publishing are quite different. Engineers require tools to help them design products so that they can be manufactured. Marketing needs pretty pictures for ads and brochures. And the tech pub folks often want simplified drawings for catalogs and manuals.

Corel Designer Technical Suite X5 aims to eliminate that disconnect. The program provides a collection of tools to help users create technical illustrations. There are tools for creating and editing shapes, adding text and callouts, and so on. You can rotate objects into the desired orientation, add dimensions, insert tables for bills of materials, and add various artistic effects.

Although Designer is actually a 2D program, one of its most interesting capabilities is being able to draw on planes aligned to appear to be 3D. Once these planes are created, you can easily draw and place text so that it looks like it is part of a 3D object. The new X5 release features enhanced isometric drawing capabilities with improved gravity snapping and temporary dynamic guides that appear based on snap points to help users align, draw and move objects in relation to other objects.

Users can now modify objects in isometric views and create persistent rounded corners. Once any of the supported CAD files is open in Deep Exploration, you can apply cross-sections and exploded views. Deep Exploration includes dedicated workspaces for technical illustration, high dynamic range HDR rendering, training, and sales and marketing materials, so you can quickly achieve the desired look. While working in Deep Exploration, you can still see the entire part assembly tree and manipulate individual objects.

If you send a rendered image to Photo-Paint, you can then use tools to create the desired effect, such as converting colors to grayscale, and then send the bitmap image to Designer or CorelDraw. Although Deep Exploration is a standalone application, it is tightly integrated with Corel Designer. When working in Designer, selecting 3D Import automatically launches Deep Exploration so that you can open and prepare a 3D model. And in addition to the tools in Deep Exploration for quickly sending files to Designer or Photo-Paint, there are also batch conversion tools for converting or rendering files.

The Ottawa-based company also has a reputation for bundling lots of different tools with each of its programs. Nowhere is that more evident than in this latest Designer Technical Suite. The package includes nearly a dozen separate components. Our installation consumed more than 6. The new Corel Connect application is a standalone content browser that helps users search for and preview content stored both locally and online, then quickly add that content to their designs.

Once content has been located, you can place it into a tray at the bottom of the Connect window. You can then open the content in CorelDraw, Designer, Photo-Paint or in its native application if available. Assets in the docker are synchronized in all of the Technical Suite programs. Among the new features and enhancements in the latest version of Designer is a new color management system. While the software includes presets for various standards, users can now adjust any setting and embed color profiles within saved documents to help ensure color fidelity throughout the production process.

The new X5 version of PowerTrace has been enhanced, and users report that it produces better raster-to-vector results than ever before. For those who take the plunge, Corel Designer Technical Suite X5 delivers a very complete, cost-effective solution for your technical communication needs.

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