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Remember, a "clean install" is a good install! Before you get too excited about cleaning off a big space on your hard drive, take a minute or two to look around! Just be sure to make a backup of the registry first, in case your finger on the mouse slips and you delete something important. I wouldn't recommend cleaning out the Corel entries if you have other Corel programs installed on your system. It's very easy to accidentally delete an important key.

Transferring Your Customization Okay, you've customized WordPerfect and you want to transfer that customization over to the new version.

If you have enough room, keep the older version of WordPerfect on your system. When you install WordPerfect Office , , or 11, the setup program looks for a previous version of WordPerfect and transfers most of the customization for you.

It's not foolproof though, so you'll need to make backup copies of important files whether you keep the older version of WordPerfect on your system or not. The only caveat is that if you've moved the files from their default locations, the Corel Migration Manager won't be able to transfer the information. See the second post in this WordPerfect Universe thread for more information.

WordPerfect Office 12 offers a handy "move customization" tool for home and small business installations that are upgrading from previous versions. It is not as powerful as the Corel Migration Manager, which can be used at the corporate level.

You'll see an option to migrate your settings only if there is a previous version of WordPerfect present on the system when you install WordPerfect Office If there isn't enough space for both programs, you can still transfer everything over — you just have to do it manually. In other words, you have to make copies of certain files and copy them to the correct locations. Making Backup Copies of Important Files It might sound complicated, but it's not — as long as you take it one step at a time.

Fortunately, the concepts that you'll find in these articles can be applied to other versions with only minor modifications to the folder and file names. In one of the last posts, there is a series of links to knowledge base articles that cover migrating QuickWords, the QuickCorrect list, address books and the default template to WordPerfect If you are removing an early version of WordPerfect 9 in preparation for the Service Pack 4 installation, there is an FAQ on WordPerfect Universe that summarizes advice from several different sources, including advice from several Corel C-Techs.

There is an excellent FAQ that gives detailed steps on moving customized settingss from one default template to another. Installing the Newer Version of WordPerfect Alongside an Older Version Since newer versions of WordPerfect are installed into their own folder subtree, it isn't a problem to have more than one version on your system at the same time. Whenever you're ready to install the new version, be sure to close all the open applications and remove all programs from memory except for Windows itself.

It's very important that you temporarily disable your anti-virus programs. Do this for all of the entries except Windows Explorer and Systray on Win98 systems. As I said before, the setup program will look for evidence of customization and if it finds any, it will automatically transfer that information over to the newer version.

For example, if you've added names to the Address Book, those names will be copied over for you. If you or someone else have changed the default location of the files that contain your customization, the Setup program may not be able to locate the files. If Setup can't find the files, it can't transfer over the customization. Wait a few seconds and see if Setup starts automatically.

If it doesn't, choose Start, Run, browse to the CD drive, locate the intro. Removing the Older Version of WordPerfect After you've assured yourself that everything you needed has been transferred over, you can go ahead and remove the older version of WordPerfect from your system. Remember, this is optional. You can leave an earlier version of WordPerfect on your system until you are comfortable with the newer version, or you can leave it there indefinitely.

The only issue would be disk space since different versions of WordPerfect co-exist very nicely with each other. The C-Techs all agree that when you remove one version of WordPerfect while another is still installed, you should refresh the installation of the remaining version.

This is due to the fact that there are registry entries common to all WordPerfect versions, which may be removed or set back to the default setting when you remove a version. After you install WordPerfect Office 11 and transfer over your customization, you opt to uninstall WordPerfect Office It's important that you now refresh the installation of WordPerfect Office 11, to make sure all of the registry entries are up-to-date.

To "refresh" an installation, insert the WordPerfect Office CD and select to refresh or repair the installation. The terminology in the Setup program will vary depending on which version of WordPerfect you are refreshing, but it should be a fairly straightforward process.

Follow the prompts to refresh the installation, then restart your computer. There is a very comprehensive FAQ on WordPerfect Universe that will help you determine which version of WordPerfect you have and what updates are available for that version. I'm sure we'll be updating it for the WordPerfect 12 editions when the information becomes available. In addition to the information provided in the FAQ, you can find links to service packs and hot patches for WordPerfect on Corel's Support Downloads page.

When you open the Support Downloads page, click the drop-down list arrow to open a list of products see Figure 2. Figure 2 - Corel has links for downloading patches and updates for the latest versions of WP. If you think this is a lot of trouble to go through just to install an update It is. But it's the whole "ounce of prevention If you're willing to invest a little more time up front, you'll save hours of frustration later. Laura Acklen is a freelance author and technical writer.

A complete table of contents for each book is available on her web site at www.

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