Corel wordperfect office x6 professional edition buy online

Corel wordperfect office x6 professional edition buy online

All prices are as of April 26, Along with the core applications--WordPerfect for word processing, Quattro Pro for spreadsheets, and Presentations--Corel packs in an array of other programs and utilities, most notably the WordPerfect Lightning note-taking app a OneNote alternative , the Nuance PaperPort SE document manager, and in the Pro and Legal editions Corel PDF Fusion, a handy utility for managing and generating PDFs from multiple file types regardless of whether you have the applications used to create them.

Corel loyalists will continue to tout the control they get from the Reveal Codes feature, as well as WordPerfect's ever-strong support for legal documents, which is enhanced in this version by the ability to assign Bates numbering, the most commonly used convention for tracking legal and medical documents. That said, WordPerfect Office X6 still doesn't give mainstream Office customers great reasons to switch. The cluttered user interface, populated with multiple toolbars crammed full of small icons, is starting to look dated; even if you're not thrilled with Microsoft's Ribbon aesthetic, wrestling with dozens of tiny buttons doesn't seem to be a great alternative.

Corel has improved support for previewing documents in Windows Explorer you can adjust the zoom level, perform searches, and even print from within the preview pane , and it gives you a lot of options for customising your workspace. But using those features isn't always intuitive.

For example, by default the dialog box for opening and saving files uses an old-style hierarchical folder structure enhanced with search functions to help you track down files. But if you prefer the current Windows Explorer interface, with virtual folders such as Recent Places which can be very useful when you're saving files in multiple applications for a single project , you must go deep into settings to choose it.

Also, some of Corel's most highly promoted features don't always work as you'd expect them to. The PDF support still doesn't fully deliver on its promise: For example, when I opened a W9 form which freelancers are required to fill out and submit to companies that hire them , the formatting was garbled to the point where I couldn't fill it out electronically. Creating a. The on-screen tutorial was helpful with general instructions; when I previewed my book, however, the formatting was off text did not flow automatically, causing odd line breaks , and I was on my own to figure out how to fix the problem.

Still, the ebook feature holds promise for self-publishers, especially since you'd otherwise have to invest in third-party software. Corel VideoStudio Essentials seems like a bit of an outlier for an office suite--it's basically an Adobe Premiere Elements competitor. But it certainly one-ups Windows Movie Maker, and it makes for a nice bonus. Corel hasn't done much with Quattro Pro, Presentations, or Lightning this time around; all three applications are full-featured, but recent versions of Excel and PowerPoint have pulled way ahead in making it easy to add spiffy graphics, and Lightning isn't keeping up with OneNote features such as SideNote, which lets you add content even when the full application isn't open.

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