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Need to reinstall mindmanager 9 and I can't find where to download the installer. Mindjet’s MindManager has changed in so many ways since our launch of MindManager 9. With better project planning and management capabilities, more efficient mapping, and more powerful sharing options, including html5, and so much more make this version of MindManager the best version yet. Description. Uncover possibilities, unite teams, and unleash productivity with MindManager and MindManager 12 for Mac. Empower yourself or your team with the most robust, customizable visualization software available.

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There is no better time to upgrade for Mindjet Windows customers. Receive all the benefits of the upcoming MindManager at no additional cost when it's launched. Contact Us for more information Mindjet MindManager is information mapping software that gives business professionals a better way to conquer information overload, brainstorm concepts, develop strategies, simplify project planning, and communicate results. MindManager maps provide an intuitive visual framework for organising and prioritising work. Extensive integration with Microsoft Outlook, Office, Project and SharePoint lets users take full advantage of MindManager in the context of their typical workflow. MindManager makes it easy to capture information and ideas, including tasks, hyperlinks, attachments and notes. By displaying the big picture and all the details in a single dynamic view, MindManager fosters clarity, innovative thinking and communication to improve business results. MindManager's visual information maps mind maps start with a central theme, and then add branches with ideas, notes, images, tasks, hyperlinks and attachments. Easily import from or export to Microsoft Office. Use MindManager maps to capture and organise information, and you'll quickly transform your thoughts and ideas into fine-tuned documents, compelling presentations and winning strategies.


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