Discount Price Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery V4

Discount price stellar phoenix data recovery v4

Its quick scan process is fast, but when you will do its advanced scan features, it takes a long duration of time. After the scanning process, it gives a very confusing result and to find the particular lost file is difficult. It does not offer many filters to find desired lost image.

Another downside of the software is that it does not offer a preview option before the recovery. The recovery rate for the vector image files such as PDFs, GIF and many more, it is completely zero as it is not able to retrieve a single zero file. The recovery rate for the JPEG file format under various data loss scenario is highest.

But, it fails for a digital camera like Samsung and Epson. Disk Doctors Photo Recovery lacks a recover button, and it recovers images just after the scanning process. However, even if you are new to the software, you will be able to use it without any hitch. So, in overall, it is ideal software for recovery of most common JPEG and raster images. Disk Doctor Photo Recovery It is easy to operate. It comes with the clear and friendly interface. It can recover every JPG file format. It works for various operating systems.

Cons In recovering vector files, it fails. Turbo and normal scans give the same results. Lack of filters to find a specific file. Its recovery rate for some image format is low.

It is the leading free photo recovery tool which is present on the Internet. No matter from which source whether computer, digital cameras or any another, the GetData will aid you in recovering your precious photos as fast as possible.

When it comes to photo recovery from storage media, it works with almost every storage media such as SmartMedia, Compact Flash, USB, hard drive, Memory Stick and many more. The Stellar Recovery alternative can recover images or photos due to various data loss situations. GetData Recover My Photos is excellent at recovering images that are mistakenly deleted, but it lacks in retrieving images from formatted drive.

So, it has a high recovery rate for the digital camera photos as it recognizes every RAW image. Its interface is straightforward. When it comes to installation, it is not an easy task.

When it comes to recovery of vector images, it is the one that you can choose without any second thought. But, if you want to recover vector images from the formatted drives, then it completely fails.

It only recovers JPEG file format from formatted drives. Overall, it works for almost every data loss situation. Whenever you faced any difficulty while using the software, you can contact its technical support team via email and phone.

The live chat feature is missing in it. It works with almost every digital camera. It offers the lowest recovery rate for the vector images only. For beginner level, it is somehow difficult to use or operate. When it comes to scanning and recovery speed, it has slow speed. Camera RAW Photo recovery is possible. It is very effective recovery software. Cons Its recovery speed is very low. It does not offer functionality for CD recovery.

Its interface is outdated. It is not ideal for recovery from a reformatted drive. Part 4. The tests about photo recovery software are carried out in two steps.

The first step is the test setup and another step is the test process. Test Setup: To test the performance of software, we gather some data that we can use for test purpose. And we create different data loss scenarios to confirm the performance of each photo recovery software.

The most common situations are considered, for example, accidental deletion, formatting, storage corruption, virus attack, system crash, etc. Test Process: After gathering the test images lost due to different reasons, we save the images on multiple drives of the system. Then, delete some files or format the drive. After that, we recover the image files using different photo recovery software, especailly including Stellar Photo Recovery.

Next, we check and record the software scanning and recovery speed. During the whole test process, we will also pay close attention to its interface to know how flexible the software is. The ease of use depends on its features like filter, recover, and preview button. After the recovery process, results are displayed mostly in the form of file type for lost images. Then, we analyze which image format has the highest recovery rate depending on the images that we got most after the result.

Part 5. Tips for Photo Recovery Even though you can get data recovery software for PC like Recoverit Photo Recovery to help you get all your lost or deleted pictures back, some tips should still be kept in mind for a smoother image recovery process.

Otherwise, data will be overwritten. If you are recovering photos from an external device , then do not eject device until scanning and recovering process is completed. Otherwise, it will cause further damage to your photos as well as the external storage device. Otherwise, it will slow the scanning speed or it can also halt the recovery process. Once you realize that some of your photos are missing from your device, try to recover them with the help of photo recovery software as fast as possible.

This will enhance the chances of recovery. Get Recuva Pro Easiest to Use: Stellar Data Recovery 8 for Windows Stellar Data Recovery Pro for Windows is the easiest-to-use app we reviewed and boasts well-above-average results in scanning tests. Recommended easy-to-use alternatives: Have you lost your crucial data and unable to recover it?

Try out Stellar Data Recovery Professional, a powerful software to recover data from all types of Windows devices — PCs, laptops, ultrabooks etc. The DIY professional Windows data recovery software gets back all your valuable documents, emails, photos, videos, and audio files, quickly and easily from your workstation. Yes, but is not always available Preview files: Yes, but not during scans Bootable recovery disk: Yes Stellar Data Recovery has a good balance between ease-of-use and successful data recovery, and this combination has made it a popular app with users and other reviewers.

Scans will often take longer with this app. Ease of Use: There are just two steps to start a scan: What type of files do you want to recover? Where do you want to scan? Was the file on your main drive or a USB flash drive? Was it on the Desktop, or in your Documents folder? Again, being specific will make scans faster.

In our review of version 7. Unfortunately, each time I tried to pause a scan I was notified: This happened with the Mac version as well. The app did offer to save the scan results for future use at the end of each scan. Despite being easy to use, Stellar Data Recovery performs very well.

In his testing of the app for our review, JP found the app powerful at recovering deleted files and identifying many types of files from his Mac. According to DigiLabs Inc, it has better help and support, and performed just as well in many tests. On the other hand, scans were slower, and some test results were poorer, including the recovery of very large files and recovering from a formatted hard drive.

Stellar Data Recovery is very easy to use, and boasts excellent recovery results. After clicking a few simple buttons and sleeping on it, you have a solid chance of recovering your files. R-Studio for Windows R-Studio 8 for Windows is a powerful data recovery tool developed for experienced data recovery professionals. It boasts a proven track record of successful data recovery, powered by all the features an expert would expect.

Those features are highly configurable, adding complexity, but giving you complete control. Yes Preview files: Yes R-Studio is widely accepted as the most powerful data recovery app available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. The Data Recovery Digest put seven leading apps through a barrage of tests last year, and R-Studio came out on top.

Their conclusion: Shows the best results in almost every category. A must-have for any data recovery professional. R-Studio is clearly designed for data recovery specialists and the interface can be confusing for inexperienced users. R-Studio includes more features than most of the competition, supports a wide range of file systems, can recover data from local disks, removable disks, and heavily corrupted disks.

The developer lists a helpful overview of the features here. In industry tests, R-Studio consistently produced the best results. And although it has a reputation for slow scans, it often completed scans faster than the competition. R-Studio had the highest rating for recovering files from an emptied recycle bin ratings tied with Active File Recovery. R-Studio had the highest rating for recovering files after a disk reformat.

R-Studio consistently shows top results in industry standard tests. If you are looking for the app most likely to recover the maximum amount of data, choose R-Tools. Not sure if the winners are for you?

Check out the alternatives below, both paid and free data recovery software are included. It lacks disk imaging and a recovery disk, useful features offered by two of our winners.

Read our full review here. Yes In his review, Victor Corda found that the scans tended to be slow, but successful. The app successfully recovered the data in each of his tests, and he concluded that this is one of the best recovery apps he has used. I agree. I imagine it would be a close race, though Stellar wins on the number of features offered.

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery v4 MAC extended purchase Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery v4 MAC teacher edition Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery v4 MAC store. Stellar Stellar Photo Recovery Software For windows- Professional, 1 PC, 1 Yr (CD): Best Software to Repair and Recover Lost or Deleted Photos. Aug 1, - Recover lost files with Stellar Data Recovery software, now 71% off Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery 'Back To School' discount Produc Name, OS, Price Top 4 best free DVD player software to download on Windows

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Stellar Phoenix Excel Recovery v4. Stellar Phoenix Excel Recovery Software v4. Stellar Launches Excel Recovery V4. The latest version, Stellar Phoenix Excel Recovery v4. Stellar Excel Recovery is meant to repair corrupt or damaged Microsoft Excel files both. The software has been developed with many powerful as yet risk-free algorithms, which recovers various charts, images, engineering formulas without any change to their original format. Moreover, the software now has a new bigger, brighter and more user-friendly user interface.


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