Discount sony movie studio platinum 13

Discount sony movie studio platinum 13

The good news is that, despite its basic level — the program features only a Simple mode — Movie Studio 13 is powerful. But unfortunately, its fine qualities are masked by an unappealing interface, a lack of common novice-friendly features, and slow rendering. Movie Studio also lets you play around with numerous special effects. A touch-enabled interface lets you work from new 2-in-1 laptops more easily than its competitors allow. While the layout does not change, the touch-screen-enabled buttons are larger, making it easier to grab clips and move them around, or apply effects and transitions. While other apps do respond to tablet taps, this is the only one designed for touch functionality.

With cheap price Discount sony movie studio platinum 13

Unusable by regular people" "For experts. Vegas Movie Studio Cons The Help system is apparently written by beauty designers, careful and numerous, it is extremely well done, but entirely built to explain tasks of 3rd and 4th levels of complexity to people already knowing by heart the 1st and 2nd ones; but for people needing to be taught the BASIC levels, everything looks clear and easy when watching the Wizards, yet becomes impossible to understand or execute when time comes to do it.

That program apparently does nicely and explains at lengths a great number of complicated tasks, but after hours of research I found NO WAY to do my extremely basic task: I can set 2 Markers or 2 Split points Start and End , but can't fine-adjust them to the exact desired positions, and I can't even make an "event" going from this Start point to the End point.

Or I can make a selection, but I can't find how to adjust it, nor to select it yes it's called a selection but selecting it doesn't work on it. The "Help" is extremely detailed on complicated tasks, but tells you to do the elementary ones without any reference or explanation; for instance in Help, Part 4 "Using Vegas Movie Studio", Chap 2 "Editing Events on the Timeline", Section 5 in 34 "Selecting Events", Paragraph 1 in 9 says "With the Normal or Selection tool active, click the event. The event is highlighted to indicate that it has been selected"; yet I could find and activate the Normal Edit Tool, but how do I create an event?

You can spend literally hours on the myriads such guesses this program requires. Then there are the myriads "Support" systems, but none really helps; in particular, SONY wants you to try their program, everywhere they politely invite you to ask questions before eventually buying, but you can't post on their forum unless So, none excepted the ones who don't need any more can ask a question to Sony, hence all the ones stranded as me can only go away silently to not look stupid, and look for another program.

It seems this program, like so many others, has been first intelligently written by careful and hard-working people, then bought by another and bigger company who allocated a lot of resources but with none really understanding the program, its goal, its intended audience, so they just add layers of "features" and cosmetics Including sort of "Help" or "Tutorials" , trying to not cripple too much the internals. So, with regret for all the good in it, I can't but stick with the actual usefulness of this program: ZERO in my case and probably for many other regular people who don't dare tell it.

Whence my mitigated rating. Versailles, Tue 07 May To zoom, "plus" and "minus" buttons bottom right. Repeat so all parts you want to keep or discard are separated with Split points. Click the video Track inside the part to discard and hit "Delete".

Repeat as necessary. Drag result full left. Versailles, Mon 13 May

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