Advanced Office Password Recovery

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If you have no time to play games, just unlock your documents and spreadsheets — guaranteed! No matter how long and complex your passwords are, Advanced Office Password breaker recovers Word documents and Excel spreadsheets within a limited timeframe. No need to perform lengthy attacks while a bit encryption key can be crunched quickly and efficiently, and more importantly, with a guaranteed positive result. The Enterprise edition allows using even more processors and cores, making your mainframe supercomputer a perfect password-breaking machine. A highly optimized low-level code allows Advanced Office Password Breaker to benefit from using multiple CPU cores and additional processors much more than any other application, cutting the recovery time in the direct proportion to the number of available processors. Multiple Workstations Using a quad-core computer is still not speedy enough? Split password recovery tasks into several ranges and run them on several computers at the same time to unlock your documents even faster!

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Advanced Office Password Recovery performs a preliminary attack on the password, attempting to unlock the document with commonly used passwords and passwords based on dictionary words. Your document may be recovered without any extra effort in just a few minutes! Targeting Human Psychology With latest versions of popular office suites such as Microsoft Office implementing the strongest security, brute force attacks become painfully slow and ineffective even in GPU-accelerated environments. The limited recovery speed of Microsoft Office passwords required the use of a smarter approach than brute force or simple dictionary attacks. With truly random passwords now taking near infinite time to recover, Advanced Office Password Recovery employs a social engineering approach and implements smart attacks targeting human psychology.

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