FileMaker Bento 3 Database Software (Flat Pack)

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RSS FileMaker Bento 3 Personal Database Software Mac database integrates with iPhoto, provides multi-user sharing, new security options and brings innovative new ways to view, use and share photos, contacts, calendars and files FileMaker, Inc. For the first time ever, Bento 3 integrates with iPhoto from Apple allowing you to store more info about your photos and link them to contacts, projects, events and other information stored in Bento. You can also encrypt any field and assign passwords to secure your information in Bento 3. View information in ways never before possible using a database The new Grid view in Bento 3 delivers an innovative method of displaying thumbnails of photos, text and numeric-based information, while improved File Lists show image thumbnails, instead of just text. Get started instantly With Bento 3, you can choose from 35 pre-designed, ready-to use templates thanks to the addition of 10 more templates for popular uses, including wine collecting, job hunting, home searching, vacation planning and more.

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Bento 3 introduces a number of new features, including iPhoto integration, a new Grid view, new security options, and—perhaps the most significant change for the application—multi-user sharing. Version 2 followed 10 months later , adding integration with Apple Mail. That release also ignited some controversy, as FileMaker offered no upgrade pricing for users of the original Bento—a decision that drew fire from early adopters of the personal database program. FileMaker appears to have taken that criticism to heart. To that end, Bento 3 lets you share and update a Bento library with up to five users over a local area network LAN. With the latest version of Bento, you can now share and update libraries with up to five other users over a local area network. Shared libraries appear in the Library pane on the left.

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