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Sep 21,  · FileMaker Pro is powerful, easy-to-use software used to create custom solutions for your business that run on iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac and the web. Transform your business with the FileMaker Platform. Quickly create and run custom solutions that work seamlessly across iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and the web/5(19). Apr 05,  · Advanced database development and customization made easy. FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced includes all the features in FileMaker Pro 12 plus a suite of advanced development and customization tools. Design and develop more powerful and /5(7). Best Price FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced. This document describes the FileMaker® Pro 13 Advanced Database Design Report (DDR) XML output grammar. The DDR XML format is useful for advanced users and developers who want to create tools that analyze or process the structure of databases.

User reviews What is FileMaker Pro? FileMaker Pro is a unique asset management software that enables businesses to create an application to serve as a file-sharing hub without prior extensive coding knowledge. The software affords brands the highest level of flexibility, thus they are able to structure an app that reflects their identity to publish for Apple devices, Windows PCs, and the web.

The software organizes contacts, inventory, projects and tasks, invoices, and more. The application even offers Starter Solutions, templates that can be used to get started with content management. Rather, it remains user-friendly and is simply navigable even for those who have no deep technological know-how. Quick Start FileMaker Pro is easy to set-up and implement.

Its user-friendly interface allows users to quickly learn the ropes. The learning curve is not steep, as it does not require extensive coding know-how. With this software, companies can create applications for use in-house from the get-go especially with a batch of ready-made templates for managing assets and other data.

Data Importation If the company has existing data in other solutions, that will not be a problem. FileMaker Pro supports importation of files from other sources.

This ensures that teams do not need to do everything twice, thereby saving time so they can focus on working on and implementing projects instead. Therefore, even in the absence of an IT personnel, teams can create a platform for sharing and managing files with ease. The software has built-in reporting tools that allows members to create intuitive and engaging reports, charts, and dashboards swiftly. And to facilitate better presentation, the reports can be saved in popular file formats such as in Excel or PDF.

With this feature, teams can better manage their assets as well as other valuable resources. It is the platform wherein they can store and share files with their team members and external collaborators. Administrators have full control of user roles and permissions so only those with the right access can retrieve particular data.

Integrations FileMaker Pro integrates with a number of third-party applications, allowing teams to exchange data and interact with other programs without problems.

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Open specific app at launch Provide better app discoverability for your users. Open a specific custom app when opening FileMaker Pro Advanced. Use the XML file to more easily compare changes between file versions. File-based script steps Create scripts that read, write, and manage external data files to write log files or export data in a custom format. Script Error Logging More easily debug your workflow automation. Use a preview script step to write information about script errors to a log file. While calculation function Repeats logic while the condition is true, then returns the result; replacing the need for some recursive custom functions. SetRecursion calculation function Sets the maximum number of iterations for recursion and loops within an expression. The default limit is 50, iterations, which can be lowered or raised using this function. New managed security access New privilege allows developers to offload account access management to other team members without needing to provide full access to any other parts of the file.

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