Finding The Cheapest - Outlook 2013 Essential Training Online?

Finding the cheapest - Outlook 2013 Essential Training online?

Tasks These folders are not archived because: Archiving these folders would likely cause problems or at least inconveniences for those people who operate this way, and since these items take up very little room, we chose to NOT archive them.

From a day to day operating perspective, that just doesn't make sense so these things remain active all the time and are not archived. Can I configure the Online Archive to skip a folder? At this point, No. The concern was that people would start applying the "don't archive this folder" tag to numerous folders, thus defeating the efficiencies gained by archiving.

We understand that there can be a requirement to want to have email older than 60 days in your mailbox, however since the Online Archive is available from all locations on campus, Sentinel, Webmail , the only inconvenience is that you might now have to look in two folders for some items due to the age of the items, rather than one.

Where is the archived mail stored? The Online Archive mailboxes are stored on a different disk array from regular mailboxes, and that disk array is slightly slower and cheaper. This helps us reserve our fast disk storage for mailboxes and current e-mail instead of using it as an expensive storage repository.

How much archive space do we have? Of course, we may need to add disk space in the future. Also extremely large mailboxes make it very difficult to backup and restore mailboxes in a timely manner.

Personal Archive folders also called PST files were never really designed to be an enterprise-class storage mechanism for e-mail, their architecture lends itself very poorly to use on a network drive. These are examples of issues that are caused by storing PST files on network drives. PST files are horribly inefficient and place a burden on file servers. By using the Online Archive feature we remove the never-ending cycle of PST files being created to store more mail, which take up more space on our file server, which requires us to purchase more disk storage.

More in-depth discussion on these issues can be found here: Also, PST files are not accessible via web mail. If you wish to move some important folders from your PST into your Online Archive mailbox, you may do so by dragging them into an appropriate place in your mailbox and then letting the Online Archive system take care of moving them into your Online Archive folders based on their age.

It is possible that in the distant future, the capability might exist for us to automatically import. If you need to keep your PST files for archival purposes, we suggest disconnecting them from Outlook and burning them to DVD for safekeeping elsewhere, instead of on your Z: Will my PST files always be available to me the old fashioned way? You may be considering keeping your existing PSTs on the Z: There are several reasons why that is not the preferred method: The existing challenges with PSTs access, size restriction etc.

But if they do not need to be available immediately, we recommend that you disconnect them from Outlook and then close Outlook , and then burn the PSTs onto a DVD for safekeeping offline. Does the archive get backed-up? However, you can access the archive and your mailbox if you use webmail via the browser on those devices.

Can I access the archive with a Mac? Yes and No. More info?

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