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Its official launch was in early , when it was still a four-channel [15] MIDI drum machine. FL Studio has undergone a number of major updates since its inception. Software overview[ edit ] FL Studio Express - This version allows for step sequencer -only editing and is chiefly suited for step loop creation.

Instruments in the pattern can be routed to the Mixer tool for effects processing, and effects as of version As of version There is no audio recording feature. Producer Edition — The Producer Edition includes all of the features of the Fruity Edition, as well as full recording for internal and external audio and post-production tools.

It allows for hand-drawing point and curve based splines referred to as "Automation Clips". It also allows for waveform viewing of audio clips and the ability to add cue points.

Also, instrument presets cannot be saved and the audio output of some instruments will cut out momentarily every few minutes until the program and its plugins have been registered.

Both support the ability to create multi-track projects on mobile devices including iPod Touches , iPhones , iPads. Groove — On September 2, , A new standalone app for Windows 8 was released. It is a Groovebox style application optimised for touch-based music creation. It also introduced Patcher, a modular workflow environment capable of chaining together an unlimited number of instruments and effects. It introduced native macOS support, multiple time-signatures, midi and audio clip consolidation conversion to audio , unlimited playlist arrangements, improved Plugin Delay Compensation, the return of the Step Sequencer Graph Editor, Sample Start for Channel samplers, Playlist tracks, Mixer channels.

Main pitch knob changes every cents, FL Studio ASIO's "Hard clip at 0 dB" option is now on by default, Scroll lock key state is no longer changed when toggling the auto-scroll toolbar button, several bug fixes.

The mixer interface allows for any number of channel configurations. This allows mixing in 2. The mixer also supports audio-in, enabling FL Studio to record multitrack audio. FLP filename extension. Many of the plugins also function independently as standalone programs. Dashboard — An included plugin that allows the creation of full automation-enabled interfaces for hardware MIDI devices. This allows FL Studio to control hardware from within the program.

As of version 9. It is included in the Producer Edition and allows spectral analysis , convolution reverb , loop-recording, and loop-construction, as well as support for cue points.

Initially released in May , it was made available starting with the release of FL Studio 7 as an optional part of the download package.

It also serves as a noise gate , expander, ducker, and de-esser , and is included in the Bundle edition. Introduced in version 9. Introduced as a demo with version Some are demos whilst some are full versions.

The list includes; 3X Osc — A generator with three programmable oscillators that subtractively produce bright sound with low memory use. DrumSynth Live — Allows for percussion synthesis. Included in all Editions. Included in Fruity Edition and higher. Morphine — An additive synthesizer that allows voices to be mixed and morphed under user control. Ogun — An advanced programmable additive synthesizer chiefly for creating metallic timbres from harmonic choices.

PoiZone — A subtractive synthesizer with non-essential control removed for easy navigation. It allows for the creation and sharing of new instruments without the need to understand programming code.

The first version was released with FL Studio version 4. The second version of Sytrus introduced with FL Studio 6 comes with an array of presets covering many types of sounds. Sytrus uses a combination of subtractive synthesis , additive synthesis , FM synthesis, and ring modulation , allowing the production of sounds ranging from drum sets to organs. Sytrus provides a large number of adjustments and controls, including shape shifting, harmonics editing, EQ , a modulator, filters, reverb, delay, unison, and detune.

Exclusive to FL Studio TS - a 2-oscillator subtractive synthesizer designed to mimic the Roland TB transistor bass module.

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