Windows 8.1: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

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So did Windows 8. Mostly, yes, but it wouldn't be until Windows 10 that the most fundamental problems with the OS were rectified once and for all. Still not satisfied with Windows 8. Read our Windows 10 review to see whether the free upgrade is for you Don't want to upgrade?

Here's how to get Windows 10 features on Windows 8. From Facebook to the full-featured Mail app and modern Outlook, a "peek" bar in the modern version of Internet Explorer 11 and the new Windows Scan app, you get all of the Windows 8.

We are still waiting for the proper touch versions of the Office apps but that's the way things work in Microsoft's new 'continuous development' world.

And of course, you get the interface changes and SkyDrive integration we saw in the Windows 8. The Start button is back and you can use the same image for your Start screen as your desktop background. SkyDrive is built in to sync files - on both Windows 8. But Microsoft's second bite at the convergence of PCs and tablets doesn't back away from what we still want to call Metro; in fact, there are more built-in modern apps than in Windows 8, more settings you can change without jumping to the desktop and more options for how you position modern apps on screen.

The question is how well these two platforms sit together, and how much of an improvement - if any - Microsoft has been able to deliver in a year. Installing Windows 8. It will be the first app you see every time you open the Windows Store and the installation happens very quickly. You don't have to reinstall your desktop applications or your Windows Store apps, and all your files are still there as are libraries and the icons pinned to your taskbar.

Update Windows 8. If you have Windows 7 or earlier versions , you have to install Windows 8 the same process as when Windows 8 first came out and then upgrade to Windows 8. If you've been trying the Windows 8. If you can't revert to Windows 8, you still do the update from the Windows Store and your files will stay on the system, but you'll have to reinstall your desktop programs.

If you've already upgraded another PC using the same Microsoft account, you'll see tiles for the Windows Store apps you have installed on that other PC marked with a little download icon ; tap on them to install the apps. Joe Osborne also contributed to this review 1.

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I bought a laptop with Windows 8, which I despise. I've installed Classic Shell , which mitigates the worst of its "features". Now Microsoft is offering Windows 8. Should I take the offer?

I never, ever use tablet features. Thanks as always. David Null Yes. I regard the free Windows 8. Microsoft has moved from a three-year upgrade cycle to one that provides more rapid upgrades, and in principle, anyone on Windows 8 or later needs to move with the times and install them when they come out. The next one is due in the spring of The era of skipping alternate versions and upgrading Windows every six years or so is over, though I don't expect Microsoft to run on a six-monthly like Linux or annual like Mac OS X cycle.

Either way, it's a good update. If you like Windows 8, then 8. The benefits include improved multitasking and multi-monitor support, better apps, and "universal search". If you like Windows 7 more than Windows 8, the upgrade to 8. It's therefore a Good Thing for people on both sides of the argument.

The most obvious changes have been made to the Start screen, which works as both a program menu and a notification system. There are now four sizes of tile: You can group your programs in sets with headings -- the equivalent of folders -- and give your most-used programs bigger tiles. You can also pick from a number of Start screen backgrounds, or use a photo. This provides a more harmonious shift when toggling between the two, as well as adding a bit of nostalgia.

Of course, you can still run apps or programs just by typing a few characters, then picking a result from the search list. In this respect, Windows 8 and 8. Windows XP users could do this by installing Launchy. This is one area where the Start option is quicker and cleaner, and you're not doing yourself any favours by ignoring it. If you don't like the Start screen, you can configure Windows 8. To do this, type nav into the Search box and click the top option. The old-fashioned desktop approach is to right-click the Taskbar, select Properties, go to the Navigation tab, and check the box that says: Alternatively, you can do it via the Control Panel: This does not remove the Start screen, nor does it bring back the old menu system, so you may want to stick with Classic Shell.

However, you can bring up a useful menu by pressing the Windows key and X, and this offers more functions in Windows 8. This pop-up menu also provides easily accessible restart and shutdown options. There are many other improvements to Windows 8.

Most of the "tablet" apps have been improved, including the Bing-based apps Weather, Finances, News Sports etc , Xbox Music which now has a free radio feature , and Xbox Video. Since these "modern" apps are quick and convenient, I can't see any reason not to use them. They work very well with a mouse with a scroll-wheel, as hundreds of YouTube videos attest. It does have a learning curve, but if you can be bothered to learn it, it's excellent.

This is not to be despised, it's the future. Upstairs, downstairs I have recently bought a new desktop which runs Windows 8. My two-year-old laptop runs Windows 7.

My desktop is upstairs and my laptop downstairs. I am 85 and I don't want too much running up and down stairs. Currently, if I look at Blueyonder email messages in Live Mail on the laptop they don't appear on the desktop.

I can get them on either PC using webmail. Can the computers be networked even though they have different Windows programs on them? My son set up a network when the upstairs computer was Windows XP. Would it make any difference to the email issue? Should I put Windows 8. Margaret Levy Windows Live Mail is a free desktop mail program, which is faster and more powerful than using web-based email, and it handles multiple email accounts. It's very popular on Windows 7 and Vista, but you can still download it and install it in Windows 8.

Virgin Media, which operates Blueyonder and other email services, has various help pages to explain how to do it. You can connect your Windows 8.

It's actually very easy to do, but Microsoft has instructions specifically for Windows 8. Upgrading your Windows 7 laptop to Windows 8. However, I can think of one major disadvantage, which is that you would have to re-install your Windows 7 programs and any devices, such as printers.

When Microsoft released Windows 8, it provided an easy upgrade to Windows 7. However, Windows 8. It would still be simple to upgrade from Windows 7 to 8, and then download the free upgrade from Windows 8 to 8. Unfortunately, if you want to jump from 7 to 8. There is no option to keep programs, devices, and personal data files.

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