Using Form widgets in Adobe Muse

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Adobe Muse CC v Create and publish beautiful, responsive websites — no coding required. Adobe Muse makes it easy for designers to make websites with free-form layouts that load quickly and look great on virtually every screen. All the creativity.

None of the coding. Get the creative freedom, tools, and widgets you need to make robust, responsive websites. An unlimited canvas for unlimited creativity. Adobe Muse was made specifically for designers, so you can create as freely as you do in Photoshop and Illustrator. Don't get boxed in by the constraints of common responsive web design programs. Not a coder? Not a problem. Adobe Muse automatically generates code that meets the evolving standards for modern browsers, platforms, and devices.

Your design will appear how you want it on different screens. With complete control over what your users see, you can show or hide content based on device. Leave the rest to Adobe Muse. World wide widgets.

The Internet is open and constantly evolving. Pain-free publishing. Stage your website to share with stakeholders. Publish it to a third-party hosting provider or to Adobe Web Hosting. Any time you update your site, Adobe Muse intelligently uploads your changes, generating new site maps to help your SEO.

New responsive widgets The Slideshow, Form, and Composition widgets are now responsive — content automatically resizes as the screen size changes. Vertical Move handles Move and position objects in your responsive page as a group.

Drag the handle to move the selected object and objects below it. Simple selection Select a specific element from a widget or grouping hierarchy without having to click through multiple levels. Animated transitions Add animated transitions and engaging scroll effects, make design elements fade in or out, and more. Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8.

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They bring with them new possibilities, workflows and a new approach to designing websites. There are some weaknesses to be aware of — responsive is still largely uncharted territory in Muse — but the benefits are promising when used carefully, with the right projects. Exclusive offer: The problem is that it takes some time for programs like Adobe Muse to catch up with all the exciting things developers invent for the web. New design and communication trends spike and crash quickly, and Muse — more than almost any other tool in Adobe's arsenal — must continually reinvent itself to keep up. So what's new?


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