Great deals corel website creator x6

Great deals corel website creator x6

May 12,  · Corel Website Creator Poor Choice For Web Sites. Corel Website Creator (X5 or X6) is just not a good choice for designing a Web site. I’ll go over the pros and cons so you understand why I have such a negative opinion. First, you have to understand the origin of the product. It is a Corel branded version of Net Objects Fusion. Creating a New SiteStyle A SiteStyle is a collection of graphic and text elements that are applied to all pages in your Website built in Corel Website Creator X6. A SiteStyle can be changed at any time, updating the look and feel of your Website instantly. In this tutorial we will create a basic SiteStyle by using graphical elements and minor. Hello zerofivers; If you click on the "Help" on the menu in X6 it will show you a PDF file to read from the net. (I have been told by a couple of people that I trust to know that the program is not very good) but you do all your graphics and use the Website Creator to lay it out the way you want it to look when opened. then publish it to what ever host you are using.

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The latest iteration of CorelDraw comes with a sleeker UI, additional tool sets, and greater flexibility. By empowering users in their workflow, Corel offers a more competitive package for digital designers. Pros Personalized digital studio: With CorelDraw X7 you have total control over your workspace and design process.

Both CorelDraw and Corel Photo-Paint offer different types of intuitive layouts for designers of all levels. Workspaces range from minimalistic lite , to familiar default and even allow custom setups. This means you can spend more time creating instead of fiddling. Adobe users will be able to hit the ground running with the Photoshop- and Illustrator-friendly layouts.

Broader hardware support: CorelDraw X7 can take full advantage of the bit architecture of most current systems -- you're no longer limited by software.

Multiple-monitor support allows you to expand the work environment across many screens. Expanding creativity resources: With the new Corel Connect, you can browse, discover, and exchange patterns and fills with the online Corel community. Discover new content to inspire your creative process, or make your own pattern to share.

Corel website creator x6 for sale, corel website creator x6

Fun vector art features. New page designer tools added. Now supports bit and multicore machines. Cons Windows only. Dedicated Corel users will get enough out of X6 to warrant the upgrade.

But it has a few new tools and features in this most recent version make it more versatile than ever before. Within the suite, you'll find two major applications—the namesake CorelDRAW, a vector and illustration program, and Photo-Paint for image editing—and a handful of utilities: Get Organized: How to Scan Your Old Photos Version 6 brings new features and several spruced-up tools that enable CorelDRAW to be used for new purposes, especially text-heavy designs light page design, that is and websites.

However, as mentioned, it's only built for Windows, with no Mac version available, which is a major drawback for many artistic professionals. Overall Enhancements Aside from the added support for bit and multi-core machines which effectively makes the program faster and more responsive , Corel has added a number of new tools for designers, those dealing in both print and online materials.

There are hundreds of video tutorials that are very good at showing off what's new while also teaching you tricks and tips. Across a few of the apps in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is a tray for storing images you may want to use in your work, which has been spruced up nicely for version X6.

The tray now includes little checkboxes that let you search Fotolia, Flickr, iStockPhoto, and other online sites, to find images for use. When you find an image, you can drag it to the tray to save it for later. X6 also now supports multiple trays, which appear neatly at the bottom of the screen as tabs. You can name the tabs, letting you organize your searches more effectively.

Another great option here is the ability to drop a URL into the search bar and see all the graphics assets that appear on that page.

Web designers in particular will find this tool handy. A few more additions on the Web design side, in Corel Website Creator X6, help non-coders build pages with ease. Dozens of templates and Site Styles remove much of the programming pains of Web design. CorelDRAW has a slightly more streamlined look, now that the object docker has been cleaned up to group tools together when appropriate.

A few new features make CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 more multi-functional by turning it into a light page design program, which it hasn't really been before. For example, CorelDRAW now has a page-numbering feature, better abilities to change page layout sizes, a new Lorem Ipsum tool to insert placeholder text, and a button that lets you align and lock text to the baseline grid.

These are necessary features for page designers and digital artists anytime they're working on text-heavy designs, such as marketing materials and brochures. Corel has added more fonts, too, which again increases the value of the product for print designers by a shot. For artists who are less concerned with text, the vector drawing program includes a few new shaping tools as well that "smear," "twirl," "attract," and "repel," objects or points on lines to transform their shapes.

The twirl tool lets you quickly spin an object into something new simply by selecting the object and pressing the mouse. The attract tool pulls together points that you select, while repel does the opposite. The smear tool is surprisingly unsmudgy, creating even and symmetrical contours in whichever direction you pull the shape, rather than adding blurry edges.

I can easily imagine graphic designers using these tools to make quick iterations on their artwork, without having to adjust every point by hand. They're quick, produce clean results, and are fun. My favorite new feature is Color Harmonies, which let you set a color palette, then "spin" it on the color wheel so that all the relationships between colors stay intact while changing the actual output.

See the slideshow to get a better look at some of these features. What's New in Corel Photo-Paint? The second of the two major apps in Graphics Suite X6, Photo-Paint, has fewer noticeable changes, although one new tool called the smart carver does stand out.

The smart carver lets you select an object in an image and remove it, then tighten up the space left behind and patch up the area formerly covered by the object with the right background. It's a real wizard of a tool, but certainly not the first of its kind, similar to Photoshop's "content-aware fill.

It works great if the image you have is too wide or tall for the space you need, and the part of the image you'd like to cut out in the middle. New features upgrade the suite to make it more usable for graphic designers who work in a number of different mediums, including page design and Web design. Because Corel is still an underdog to Adobe, it's rather mind-boggling why the company made Graphics Suite X6 for Windows only, which is a major drawback for many artistic professionals who might otherwise consider using the tool.


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