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I even had to email them to ask to receive an Invoice for my upgrade -- normally I expect to automatically receive an Invoice for every purchase I make! Anyone interested in video production should take a serious look at Davinci Resolve: Scroll down to get it. There's a public Beta available or if you prefer you get the last release version both for free -- your choice. The beta is 14 at version 6 and stable and working well as far as I can see on my machine.

It is only limited by network sharing, full 3D motion tracking, and several SFX, that's all. The color grading is excellent. The free version will cover most serious video production needs and they have just introduced the Fairlight sound mixing facility although there seems to be no ASIO support right now -- despite several requests to implement it, but then they do supply a Fairlight card that seems to cover very low latency and allow a huge number of tracks -- up to a 1,!

All in all a great bit of production software, especially for free and the paid Studio version seems far superior to what was Sony Vegas Pro. So there you go. Download it and enjoy! Hope that helps. Vegas is a well known nest of debauchery tho. Thinking about 14 too, if it's more stable than the previous ones 11 and 13 were very crashy for me and GPU-accelerated encoding works on current Nvidia GPUs then it might be worth trying.

Gotta check that free Resolve before. If it has some nice effects and efficient multi-track editing maybe shelling out for another minor Vegas update will make no sense. Simple MP4 files dropped in. Scrub speed is excellent. Handling is great. Media organization looks good at first glance. Vegas looks very basic here. Resolve makes a very good first impression. Didn't crash on me yet either.

Vegas Studio Platinum 13 works ok, but stutters quite a lot sometimes. I have to use the RAM Preview quite often to preview effects. Resolve looks like a much better package, and it's free, good grief. Tod , I've seen Resolve mentioned a few times and there's always been good words for it. I'm going to have to DL it and check it out. The Byre , Blackmagic-Design are geared to dealing with pro and semi-pro customers.

Magix has never know what to do with customers. Seems like a no-brainer really. Even if they keep things in-house, it remains to be seen how competitive this software is at all for mixing. Not sure. While the layout does not change, the touch-screen-enabled buttons are larger, making it easier to grab clips and move them around, or apply effects and transitions. While other apps do respond to tablet taps, this is the only one designed for touch functionality.

The Special Effects panel offers many choices. Movie Studio's audio tools let you customize soundtracks to remove noise, apply effects and use track envelopes to control volume and panning, or record and edit live audio.

We combined six clips into a 2. We timed rendering at both 60 fps and 30 fps. Sony Movie Studio's performance in piecing together the test videos, transitions and a quick text intro was slower than its competitors', but not unusable. An Intel Quick Sync setting brought that result down to a more respectable but still sluggish 5: Intel's setting did not benefit Sony at 60 fps, as the auto setting proved faster.

Its next competitor in the fps contest was Corel VideoStudio, at 2: For the fps contest, Premiere Elements was the next slowest, at 5: Interface At first glance, Sony Movie Studio is straightforward. But a deeper look reveals that its somewhat crowded, dull-gray interface may take some getting used to. Creating text for your titles is easy. The app's Show Me How feature — a simple interactive tutorial that borrows some animated moves from Adobe Premiere Elements — familiarizes you with the program.

It features two instructional videos, coupled with a Help button that answers most newbie questions. I strongly suggest viewing these before you start editing. A wealth of video special effects let you add a host of cinematic looks to your movie.

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This License Tier version requires purchasing to copies. Notable features for the Platinum edition include support for 4K content in the XAVC S codec as well as stereoscopic 3D editing tools right on the timeline. In addition, it features touchscreen support and a redesigned, simplified Make Movie export interface. With Movie Studio you can import and capture from a variety of sources, such as card-based camcorders, FireWire-based tape camcorders, smartphones, DSLRs, point-and-shoot cameras, and more.

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