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The best data recovery software Mac recovers lost, deleted, formatted files from MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, iMac. It recovers Mac files with its original name. Jun 26, - You can try Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery 6 for free [direct download link], but it only scans and previews recoverable data. To actually save that data, you can purchase the product for US$ directly from the site. Stellar Data Recovery Software | for Mac | Professional | Recover Deleted Data, Photos, . Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iPhone (Windows) [Download].

One such is the Create Image Option. It is the perfect option for those users who have bad sectors on their Mac hard drive. They can use this mountable image of the Mac volume, hard drive, or selected region and use it in the case of media failure as a complete backup.

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Fortunately, there are Mac data rescue software that could help. Stellar Data Recovery for Mac is one of the popular solutions in the market. If you decide to try, this article also serves as a tutorial version 7. What is Stellar Data Recovery for Mac? For those of you who are new to data recovery, you might be surprised to know that files you delete from a Mac computer or an external drive may be recoverable. Most likely, your files saved in the storage are still retrievable.

What you need is a recovery program such as Time Machine or a third-party recovery software. For more info, check out this article by Chris Hoffman from HowtoGeek, explaining why deleted files can be recovered. In version 7. The software is designed to work with an external storage device to back up all data stored on a Mac machine. When necessary, it allows users to restore individual files or the entire Mac system. Learn more here or see this guide on how to back up Mac to an external drive using Time Machine.

Time Machine differs from other third-party Mac data rescue tools in that it can only restore lost data unless you have a timely backup, while third-party tools may recover your data without one. Third-party recovery software use sophisticated algorithms to scan your Mac hard drive or external storage and retrieve data once found. Another difference is that Time Machine only works to backup and restore data stored in your internal Mac hard drive, while third-party data recovery apps also support recovery from an external hard drive, camera memory card, USB flash drive, etc.

Another security feature I like about Stellar is: That means you can scan the disk image to recover data in case the original device is not available for example, if you are helping a customer or a friend to recover data. This will speed up scanning process if your storage device has bad sectors. See the screenshot below. Is It a Scam? The software is developed and signatured by Stellar Information Technology Ltd. The company is headquartered in India, and has an office in the United States with a physical address: Stellar Data Recovery for Mac Registration Key For those who are looking for a working code to activate the software, sorry to disappoint you here.

An app like this should take a team of engineers hundreds of hours to put together. My suggestion for you is take full advantage of the trial version.

If it finds your lost files after a scan, go ahead and purchase the software. Good luck on browsing those sites that full of flash ads, which I always hate. Stellar Data Recovery for Mac: An In-depth Review Disclaimer: It is not intended to serve as an official or professional examination of the software.

My testing principle is: I try my best to mimic common data loss scenarios, i. Download and Installation Step 1: After downloading the application to your Mac, drag it to the Applications folder. Step 2: Double-click on the software icon. Step 3: Browse and read the license agreement. Step 4: Stellar Mac Data Recovery initializes… Step 5: Finally, the program launches. Main interface of Stellar Mac Data Recovery 7. After connecting my Lexar drive, Stellar shows the disk on the left panel immediately, together with information like disk volume and the file system associated with the disk drive.

Scenario 1: I wanted to see if Stellar Data Recovery would find them. Step 1: I highlighted the Lexar drive. The program asked me to select a scanning method. As you can see, there are four options listed: Stellar Data Recovery detected my Lexar drive, asked me to select a scanning method. Recover Data: Deleted Recovery: Good for recovering accidentally deleted files like photos, music, videos, archives, documents, etc. Raw Recovery: Good for recovering data from severely corrupted storage media — for example, when your camera SD card is corrupted or external hard drive crashes.

Create Image: Used to create an exact image of a storage drive. Pro tip: But remember that Deep Scan takes more time to complete. Scan…the process was very quick. It only took the software about 20 seconds to finish scanning my 32GB Lexar drive — seems very efficient! Boom…scan completed! But wait, are they really the photos I deleted?

Step 5: Like I said in the summary above, one thing I like about the app is its file preview ability. To check whether the found items are what I deleted, I double-clicked each file to preview the content. And yep, they are all there. Stellar Mac Data Recovery found all of my deleted pictures! Step 6: How to get it? You have to buy from Stellar official store, and a key will be delivered to your email instantly. My personal take: Thus I believe this is the first recovery mode you should try, if you have accidentally erased some files off a digital camera card, external drive, or other storage devices.

The scanning process is lighting fast, and chances of recovery are high as long as you act quickly. Scenario 2: Recovering Data from Internal Mac Hard Drive Stellar claims on its official website that the app is able to identify different file types. Before I did so, I emptied the Trash on purpose.

To start with, I opened the software, then highlighted the Macintosh HD it detected. It asked me to select a scanning method. There are four options there which I have introduced in Scenario 1. I estimated it would take more than three hours to complete the entire scanning. Since it has already found 3. To my surprise, I could also preview partial content in these documents.

Aside from those, the program also found a list of application files including Adobe Illustrator, iCalendar, etc.

BZ2 Compressed Tar and Zip archives were found. It found some. MP4 and. M4V files. Another surprise, I could preview videos as well. Double-click one, and it automatically played via QuickTime app. Many RTF files. They can be previewed as well. Stellar Data Recovery for Mac did a pretty good job in identifying many types of files deleted from my Mac. They included the types of photos, videos, audio, documents, apps, etc. Another perk is the software allows me to preview the content in these files.

This feature saves me time gauging whether the files are what I actually deleted. See Scenario 3 below for more details. Scenario 3: Resume Recovery Step 1:

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