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Freeing FreeHand: Aug, 17 Comments When a software vendor abandons one of its assets, many users move on. But what do others do? In a group of passionate FreeHand users filed a lawsuite against Adobe and demanded the release of FreeHand's source code. The controversy is over now. When dinosaurs ruled the world… The story of Adobe's strange affection for FreeHand goes way back, when Altsys was still around.

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Non-provisional patent application  A United States patent application that is not a provisional application. A complete non-provisional application differs from a provisional in that a non-provisional must contain at least one claim and is to be examined. A non-provisional application may also claim priority to a prior filed application, which is not permitted with provisional applications. Novelty  A patentability requirement according to which an invention is not patentable if it was already known before the date of filing.

Oblique Drawing  A three dimensional drawing of the object that can be used by the inventor or a business to showcase the product and its features. Office Action  In regards to patents, a formal report from a Patent Office examiner to an inventor or attorney detailing which claims in a patent application were allowed for later issue (publication) in a patent and which claims were rejected. The examiner gives reasons for allowance or rejection.

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