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Also great for absolute beginners. Highly recommended from India. Rated 5 out of 5 Tim T. I have to say it is an excellent grounding in the application taking you from beginner to being confident and competent at using FCPX. I have experience in photo editing but want to move into producing YouTube videos — I have already produced a channel trailer and am currently in the middle of producing my first proper YouTube video.

Without this course there is no way I would have been up to speed so quickly and able to produce something that avoids beginner mistakes thanks to this course. Yes there are cheaper courses on Udemy for example but I tried one of them and had to request a refund. You get what you pay for — well thought out, expert tuition delivered in an engaging and informative manner. Coupled with the numerous tutorials Ripple put on YouTube you will be creating professional videos faster than you thought possible.

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The mysteries of FCPX are uncloaked one lesson at a time. There are few if any wasted words. The language is clear and the examples presented are the ones you work with on your own. You can return to any lesson or course anytime you wish for a refresher. If you have any interest in becoming a Mac film editor, I strongly encourage you to look into the tutorials Ripple offers.

Rated 5 out of 5 Carl R. I have gone some of the tutorials more than once to ensure that their points stick. Great Work. This training was excellent — well organized and explained — easy to follow and the customized bookmarks function is super handy.

I watched almost all the training in a day and feel confident to get started. Final Cut Pro These are Professional Instructors and the tutorials are packed with info. The information is clear, concise and the pacing is perfect. Well done! Rated 5 out of 5 Jeremie C. The teaching method is optimal, as you can download the clips used in the tutorial to practice in parallel. Like I said, the prices can be all over the place and are greatly dependent on how motivated the seller is.

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Buy cheap Greatly discounted price apple final cut express 4

April 12, 7: Final Cut X is a bit application written in Apple's Cocoa. It sports a new interface, as well as features to speed up the editing process, including background rendering, full use of multicore processors, and Apple's Grand Central Dispatch system, as well as the option to make edits as footage is being imported.

The new software--which was announced at the annual Supermeet editor meet-up event that takes place in concert with the National Association of Broadcasters trade show in Vegas--marked a return of Apple releasing a new version of the software at NAB.

The company was once again not at the show itself, however. Apple made headlines last week for allegedly getting Supermeet's event organizers to cancel its planned speakers, as well as sponsorships from competitors like Avid and hardware vendors like Canon, to make Apple the only presenter. That turned out to be the case, with Randy Ubillos, Apple's chief architect of video applications, and Final Cut architect Peter Steinauer making an appearance to outline the new software in an extended on-stage demo.

Among the new features is a tool that detects when are people in shots, as well as what type of shots they are close-up, medium, or wide angle , two things Apple added to the most recent version of iMovie. That's not the only iMovie carry-over. Apple has also brought "skimming," the feature that lets users preview the content of a clip just by moving their mouse across it. New organizational features include a way to manage clips with tags that can be applied to certain times, giving editors a way to hunt for specific bits of media in a large library.

Clips can also be compounded into buckets that contain everything from that specific part of the timeline. This lets editors put together a specific sequence and move it around the timeline without worrying about it interfering with other items on the workspace. Joining this is a new way to link up the audio and video tracks so they don't get pushed out of sync by accident. For viewing, Apple has also included a new feature called "auditioning" that lets editors create variants of audio and visual combinations on the timeline and pick which one they like later on.

This is meant to serve as a way to test out differing edits without having to re-do the work if one is preferred over the other. On the back end of the platform, the software has absorbed Color and Soundtrack, the tools designed to help video editors make color and audio adjustments. Apple also says Final Cut Pro X has resolution-independent playback, meaning videos of varying sizes can be piped out to the same size screen. That could prove especially important given that the software is now able to handle 4K resolutions, making it more compatible with footage from cutting-edge digital cameras.

The move to offer Final Cut Pro X as a direct download follows suit with Apple making its Aperture photo-editing software available on its Mac App Store at a steep discount compared with its packaged counterpart. It also offers Apple a higher level of control over distribution, tracking downloads and linking that purchase information up to Apple ID accounts. At the event tonight, Apple said it currently had more than 2 million licensed Final Cut Pro users, a number that could jump given the price cut.

Still, what is likely to be of most interest to longtime users is the future of Final Cut Studio and Final Cut Express, something Richard Townhill, who is Apple's director of pro video product marketing effectively said was done for during tonight's introduction of Final Cut Pro X: So we decided we really wanted to do away with that. We wanted to greatly simplify the pricing structure and make it very easy for you if you decided that you wanted to get a copy of Final Cut Pro.

In a follow-up with The Loop , an Apple representative said "today was just a sneak peek of Final Cut Pro," and to "stay tuned. Apple As of PT, Apple had not yet updated its site with mention of the upcoming software. In the meantime, you can catch quite a few shots and some more details from Apple's presentation over at Photography Bay , which was in attendance.

A special hat tip to UStream user FoxtrotYankee , who snuck a video camera into the event. This post was updated at PT Wednesday with the above shot of the new interface provided by Apple. Update at MacRumors points to two videos shot by attendees at the event that cover nearly an hour of the presentation in case you want to see the software in action.

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