Greatly discounted price nuance pdf converter professional 6

Greatly discounted price nuance pdf converter professional 6

Thumbnail July 07, The new product builds on that momentum, adding unique features that bridge the gap between paper and digital document workflows — saving office workers significant time and expense, and accelerating green office initiatives. First, new PDF Portfolios enable paperless collaboration, embedding file-types and folders — including PDF and Microsoft Office documents, and even images and videos — into a single PDF file with simple click and drag steps. Similarly, the unique Document Assembly feature in PDF Converter Professional 6 lets users drag and drop various file types into a PDF, and even renumber pages and edit headers and footers automatically within the newly assembled PDF document. PDF Converter Professional 6 also allows users to scan paper documents directly to PDF, saving time by eliminating the need to scan and then convert the resulting image.

Greatly discounted price nuance pdf converter professional 6 price

NUANCE PDF Converter Professional 6 Software -

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