Greatly Discounted Price Windows Vista Business

Greatly discounted price windows vista business

Microsoft will offer the upgrade coupon to shoppers who buy a Vista-capable PC between Thursday and March 15, , allowing them to redeem the coupons for a free or discounted upgrade from Windows XP to Windows Vista and from Office to Office The product offers features like translucent desktop windows, improved performance of digital music and photography, and data backup for business users. But those features come at the cost of greatly increased demands on hardware performance. A Vista-ready PC must have at least M bytes of memory and an advanced processor and graphics card. PC vendors and component manufacturers stand to profit from the boost in demand for those parts, but they have grown increasingly nervous about missing the holiday sales season as Microsoft has bypassed several deadlines for shipping the new OS, analysts say. Microsoft has very little goodwill left with the vendors, having disappointed them several times with Windows Vista delays," said Martin Kariithi, a hardware analyst with Technology Business Research Inc. In fact, this is a smart way to achieve that goal, since Microsoft will probably incur only a small charge to maintain the coupon program, and not lose much potential profit compared to the full Vista sales price, he said.

Discount Greatly discounted price windows vista business

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