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See all the differences between CS6 vs. CS5…] Design professional layouts for print and digital publishing. CS5 introduces new and enhanced productivity and collaboration features. Integrate interactivity, animation, sound, and video in documents and presentations to attract, engage, and inform your audience.

Take advantage of intuitive tools that simplify object selection and editing and make page layout simpler and faster. Streamline file management by including mixed page sizes in a single file. Simplified object selection and editing — Perform repetitive layout tasks efficiently.

Manipulate frames and frame content without switching tools. Dynamically adjust white space between objects while maintaining the relationship between frames. Use on-object controls to modify frame corners directly in the layout. Using the CS Review integration in InDesign, you can view comments in the context of your InDesign layout, making it easier to address feedback to meet project deadlines more efficiently. Multiple page sizes — Create pages with different sizes in a single document to streamline file management.

Share the same master page across different-sized layouts for greater efficiency. Tracked text changes — Mark up text directly in InDesign and easily track copy revisions. Get to final copy faster by accepting or rejecting text changes within the document.

Paragraphs that span and split columns — Quickly format headlines, subheads, or any text to span multiple columns in a single text frame without having to create separate text frames. All-new Layers panel — Easily manage layers in simple and complex documents. Quickly find, select, lock, hide, name, and change the stacking order of individual page items directly in the Layers panel. Drag objects from one group to another.

Preview InDesign pages and placed images in Adobe Bridge. Find linked assets used in one layout and drag them into another InDesign document using the integrated Mini Bridge panel. Eliminate missing fonts — InDesign automatically installs the required fonts when you open a document and uninstalls them when you close it.

Appropriate font licensing is still required. Automation — Create powerful automated workflows to reduce the time you spend on repetitive tasks. Standards-based XML features can automatically lay out pages with text and images.

Incorporate databasedriven content for greater efficiency when publishing across channels. Digital export — Export your page design and text layouts with greater fidelity to Flash Professional CS5, retaining animation, video, and sound from your InDesign document. Include rich media to bring eBooks to life when read on a personal computer using Adobe Digital Editions, a desktop reading application.

Live captions — Generate static or live captions automatically from image metadata, and add text before or after the selected metadata tag in InDesign. Specify the position and style of the caption, optionally including the caption on its own layer.

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