Install language pack

install language pack

Fully localized language pack: It contains percent of the resources for a language and locale. Partially localized language pack: It contains percent of the resources for a language and locale, but not all of the resources are localized in the language pack Language Interface Pack LIP: A partially localized language pack that includes less than percent of the localized resources.

LIPs can be installed only on top of a fully localized language pack. For end users, what we can do is installing language interface pack, which is partially localized for some languages.

This explains why you might install a Portuguese language pack, but still get some parts display in English after a reboot. See diagrams for details here. Depending on the Windows 10 version of your computer, the specific operation may slightly vary. Here is an instruction for Windows 10 Pro, build. Step 1. Step 2. Select a region, then click Add a language. Step 3. Choose the language you need. You may also need to choose specific region if it is English, French, etc.

Step 4. Here you can also download Handwriting and Speech pack. Step 5. Go back to the previous screen when the download is complete, and then click Set as default.

For other components, English Domino server files are used. For example, templates that are not multilingual-compatible such as the Domino directory template pubnames. Replace Language Pack Replaces English language files with those of one specified language.

Choose this option to make a non-English language the primary language supported on a server. You must choose this option to see the Domino directory in a language other than English. Remove Language Pack from Domino Server Removes specified language packs from the Domino server that were previously added through the Add option. You can't use this option remove the primary language of the server. To remove the primary language, reinstall Domino.

The installer validates configuration requirements such as the correct version of Domino, sufficient disk space, and so forth. If validation is successful, you see a confirmation screen.

Click Next to continue. If validation fails, the installer reports errors to a log file, LPlog. For more information about the log file and troubleshooting errors, see Troubleshooting the language pack installation.

In the next screen, you take the following steps, depending on the installation type you selected previously. Table 3. Language pack installation steps Option selected previously Steps Add Language Pack to Domino Server Select the language or languages to install from the list that is displayed.

For each language, you can use the Select files option to choose which templates and files to install.

Purchasing Install language pack

Installation of language packs

Written On: Nov 12, 9: Sep 07, 1: How to find, download, upload and install a language pack to your board. Also how to set a board default and personal language.

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