Installshield X Express Edition Sale

Installshield x express edition sale

Although InstallShield is known primarily as a Windows market player, it has provided tools for Unix and Linux for years with its Multiplatform version. InstallShield X integrates what once was a separate offering into its flagship product. NewsForge had the opportunity recently to visit with Bob Corrigan, the product manager for InstallShield X, and Gerold Franke, InstallShield public relations, to discuss their new push into the Linux space, the obstacles they face in that market, and the consequences of their recent purchase by Macrovision on their future direction. Have you noticed an upturn, downturn, or both in the market? The Unix marketplace in general, started as an enterprise market and is evolving into a consumer market. Whereas the Windows software marketplace did exactly the opposite thing, starting as a consumer product and emerging into the enterprise. You have a tough set of obstacles in your way to widespread adoption in the Linux space with all the free tools that are available for software distribution:

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