Inventor 2014 Windows 10

inventor 2014 windows 10

First things first, I'm a Proud Cornishman living in the 'winterless' north of New Zealand way down in the southern Pacific. If you want to know more about my professional background, I keep that up to date on my Linked In Profile. I have a beautiful, tolerant and smart Wife, a very clever 11 year old daughter, and a troublesome 2 year old son. I'm a complete Formula One nut but I'm interested in all forms of petroleum based sport including NASCAR, sometimes , I used to be an excellent Skier however living in a sub tropical area of the world and loving food too much has made me quite rusty.

Oct 20,  · The installation was carried out on a bare installation of Windows 10 Technical Preview, with all the available updates applied. I also made sure Inventor Service Pack 1 was downloaded then installed during the installation. So yup, it’s a super short post, but the video speaks for itself. Next up is SolidWorks I have Windows 10 and it works fine. Link. Download and install "Autodesk Inventor Service Pack 2" Download and install the latest update for service pack 2. As of typing this comment the latest update is #7. SP2 and the latest update have all the previous updates and fixes so you only need those two. Aug 18,  · Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services. You can help protect yourself from scammers by verifying that the contact is a Microsoft Agent or Microsoft Employee and that the phone number is an official Microsoft global customer service number.

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Autodesk Inventor issues with Windows 10 - CADPRO blog

Service Pack 1: Inventor imports a DWG file into a sketch with the wrong units if you specify custom units for it. Inventor exits unexpectedly when calling ReferenceKeyManager. LoadKeyContext with an invalid KeyContext input. Inventor exits unexpectedly when calling AttributSet. Add for a FaceProxy that has edges.

The output image using Camera. SaveAsBitmap is not correct in generated previews of drawing views. Inventor exits unexpectedly when accessing a corrupt UserParameter.

Value property. Service Pack 2: Using i-Drop fails to drag and drop a component into an assembly. A Server communication error occurs when you replace a component from Content Center while Table View is enabled. API method Documents. OpenWithOptions raises an error for assemblies with deleted default views.

Inventor exits unexpectedly when calling Assets. Add if an Inventor Material Library does not exist. Application Functionality Service Pack 1: Dirty returns incorrectly. The large icon for the Macros command does not display in the Ribbon. If you map your template direction from a network drive, the Create New File dialog box lists all folders at the same level as the template folder.

The Create New File dialog box does not remember the last configuration in a details view. Cannot launch Inventor on a Windows 8. If the license is unavailable, the customized options revert. Ribbon appearance reverts to Small after you restart Inventor and dock the ribbon to the left or right with the Normal appearance.

Optimization users with account IDs that are non-numeric are blocked from entering Optimization. Non-English Inventor exits unexpectedly when you use the Style Library Manager to migrate a style library. On a Windows 8 operating system, Inventor exits unexpectedly when you close it after you save a Mold Design. When the InfoCenter search is collapsed, keyboard shortcuts do not work. Assembly Modeling Service Pack 1: In the Joint command, Inventor exits unexpectedly when you paste components after you select two Origins.

Cannot make a weldment iAssembly material valid as a weldable material. Inventor exits unexpectedly if you delete Tube and Pipe while the assembly is open in Express mode. Tube and Pipe loses its adaptability after you move its reference part in Express mode. If the Design Accelerator add-in is loaded, Inventor exits unexpectedly when you pause the cursor over a face while placing a file from Content Center in Express mode. In Express mode, when you switch a design view to one that contains a section view the graphics do not update.

In Express mode, when the top assembly is open, welds nodes do not display correctly after you change their visibility. Inventor exits unexpectedly when you click the additional geometry of Simplify Define envelopes after loading Express. Inventor exits unexpectedly when you exit in-place edit environment from a sub-assembly and then undo. In a derived assembly, a component is missing when you change a positional representation from Master to user defined. Inventor exits unexpectedly when you create a shrinkwrap of an assembly containing a part with a composite in the Repair Environment and its source feature is deleted.

Cannot export an.

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