Logo Design With Photoshop Cs6

logo design with photoshop cs6

You don't have to use the current header design. Get crackin' Pretty straight forward, now we know what we have to work with. Then specify the name of the logo, and a width of and a height of Then click "OK" Refer to the screenshot below. After you click "OK" Your setup should look like this: I'm on a x resolution. For the menus on the left, I have the layers view, and the Characters in view. Experiment with Font Selections As a starting point, I always experiment with a font that I think will work well with the logo. You have to develop an eye for what font will or will not work, with the specifics of the project in mind.

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Photoshop Tutorial - logo design - A letter logo design - Adobe Photoshop Cs6 Tutorial

The only important problem is everything is shown blurry. Windows has not this problem and icons, text, etc everything is sharp but in many programs like Photoshop all the things are blurry.

I can not get this to work. Regedit keeps changing to hexidecimal and I get a app will not run error. Thanks for this tip.

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