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You interact mainly with a few static panels. Others are located elsewhere: Also key to interaction is the floating Head-up Display HUD , which appears whenever you select an image and is used for applying context-sensitive commands.

It has no immediate analogue in the design programs, and takes time to become accustomed to it. Another problem is the general lack of customization. You're given two choices for your workspace, Design or Code, but you have a lot fewer configuration options than you do with applications such as Photoshop or Illustrator, which let you arrange your tools however you like, and save those layouts in custom workspaces for later.

CS5's new Live Workspaces, which update your presets automatically as you change them, only make the absence more noticeable. True, Flash Catalyst does not perform the wide range of tasks those applications do, and isn't supposed to, so it doesn't need quite as much malleability in this area.

Still, it would be more newcomer-friendly if it closely mimicked those more familiar programs. Flash Catalyst: The Right Stuff This isn't to say you don't have easy access to those other applications if you need them.

You don't have to worry about using Flash Catalyst to edit images you're working with if you decide on a last-minute design change. Just right-click on an image to open up Illustrator; each of the image's various states the mouse is moved onto it, the mouse is moved off, it's being clicked on, etc.

After you make changes, you'll find them applied when you return to Flash Catalyst. That's the kind of smart, cross-app integration Flash Catalyst could use more of, especially in terms of functionality as it's a good, basic entry point into the animation realm.

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