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The release of Final Cut Express 4 redefines that tiered structure. Things have gotten more restricted with the new version of Final Cut Express. Final Cut Express creates a new sequence that contains the source video files in the Browser and a movie in the Timeline that has the same edits as in iMovie. Any existing transitions are converted to Cross Dissolve transitions in Final Cut, and the volume levels of the video clips are retained.

Everything else is ignored—sound effects, separate audio clips such as background music , photos, Ken Burns Effects, video adjustments, cropping and resize settings all disappear. Learn more about macOS Catalina ] In the new Log and Transfer window, you can review clips while others in the queue are being ingested. When an AVCHD camera is connected, the clips in its memory appear in a list with thumbnails and durations.

You can preview a clip, set in and out points to specify which section gets ingested, and enter logging information. To achieve its level of compression, AVCHD stores a full frame of video only twice per second; intervening frames are made up only of the differences between keyframes.

Final Cut Express builds those frames during the transition to AIC, so the program is expending processor power on editing and playback, not in generating frames on the fly.

The transcoding step does add time to the ingest process. For a simple example, a one-minute clip took 1: Incidentally, Final Cut Express will not transcode the native. MTS files directly; it needs to take the footage from the camcorder.

Final Cut Express assumes that you want it all to work seamlessly, so it automatically scales footage to fit the frame. That can result in reduced image quality when bringing standard-definition footage into a high-definition sequence, but the result is better than viewing a postage-stamp sized DV clip in the center of the screen; plus, Final Cut Express offers plenty of control when it comes to resizing and repositioning clips within the visible area anyway.

Version 4 includes more than 50 FxPlug plug-ins that augment the other effects included with Final Cut Express. But some users may not appreciate a pair of significant omissions in the new version.

Final Cut Express HD 3. Apple claims that users were accomplishing the same tasks in GarageBand, but since Soundtrack 1. Final Cut Express still includes LiveType 2, but it ships with far fewer LiveFonts prebuilt animated styles and other effects than what was offered in the previous version. With Final Cut Express 4, as always, the answer depends on your situation. When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission.

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It supports multiple video layers, effects and transitions, color correction, and matting. Also included with the software is LiveType for title creation. This is an excellent choice to address your video editing needs on the Mac OS X platform. Editing Flexibility Final Cut Express allows you to insert, overwrite, replace, or fit to fill video clips into your project via drag and drop. You can use fine editing tools for precise cuts.


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