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Manuel Lemos manuellemos. It is a follow-up of Delphi for PHP 1. Since I have already reviewed the first Delphi for PHP release in , this review will focus only on the changes. Delphi for PHP is a great PHP IDE that is well worth trying, but I have seen many comments about it in PHP forums and mailing lists that reflect several misconceptions about the program that seem to come from people that really have not given it a chance. So, I thought it would be useful to start by clarifying what is Delphi for PHP, as well what it isn't. CodeGear used to be a division of Borland.

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PHP services: For an example, see the Web Service project under 2. Develop HTML templates and integrate components into those templates to add live content. For an example, see the Template project under 2. The following table describes the naming mechanism is used in both source and documentation: Use the F1 key to find help on a property, event or method in the Object Inspector.


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