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Automatic tools like Straighten Panorama and Set Vanishing Point actually work extremely well with just one or two clicks. Other things, like Panorama Rotation which requires setting one angle-of-rotation of each of 3 axis without showing an interactive preview, are not very usable. It is impossible to choose correct values to a sufficient degree of precision without interactivity. Some tools have been greatly improved though.

Move Image now happens interactively with Autopano updating the warping of other images in real-time. Adjusting Exposure Fusion controls shows a preview window but it takes a long while to see each update. While automation is Autopano Giga is extremely capable, it is sometimes necessary to tweak the stitching process. An additional windows appear for editing control-points for each panorama. This can easily lead to dozens of windows open which becomes seriously confusing, so it is best to work on just a few panoramas at one time.

A good stitch not only requires good control-points but also uniform blending of exposure and color. This software copes very well with differences in exposure even when due to vignetting.

The user can control which image is used to set exposure or color when rendering a panoramic image. Stitched panoramas preserve sharpness very well even across image boundaries.

The blending algorithm leaves no visible seems, uniformly blending color and exposure. Overlap regions are rendered with the best pixels from each image and avoids blending-in lens artifacts such as chromatic aberrations.

Autopano remains the only software to render an aberration-free panorama from our test images so far. Note that sometimes artifacts show up in the Preview window which uses a faster lower-quality algorithm. Automatic Detection lets Autopano guess which images among a set belong to a panorama.

Given a set of images that entirely forms a panorama, it almost always correctly detects the panorama and properly aligns its images. Given a much larger set though, the panorama detection algorithm is rather aggressive and may group images into panoramas even if they were shot using different focal-lengths.

One can easily add or remove images should Autopano incorrectly determine their contribution to a panorama. Stacking generally works well but occasionally failed to recognize a complete stack. Exposure Fusion is quite smooth with a reasonable amount of control.

HDR remains very hard to adjust, so we had better success giving Autopano Giga images which were merged by third-party software. Autopano Giga uses a very CPU intensive algorithm to produce such high quality stitching.

This makes it slower than most software, even after two generations of technology improvements. It takes an unusually and disproportionately long time to perform Exposure Fusion or HDR Blending when rendering a panorama. Stability This particular version of Autopano Giga is surprisingly unstable.

There seems to be a problem with multi-processing. There was a high number of crashes during the review. When running Autopano Giga on 8 core, it was unusual for rendering to complete! Giving it more than one panorama to render speeds up crashing. With 4-cores only, there were still a high percentage of crashes but many panoramas did finish rendering. There was no problem at all when running on a single-core.

Since minor upgrades are including in the license, we hope that Kolor will fix these problems soon. Conclusion Autopano Giga is an excellent stitching software with a highly automatic and parallel workflow.

It can produce any number panoramas without user effort beyond telling where to find sources images and a few button clicks. Output quality is top notch with superb alignment and blending of images along seems. As they say, good things come to those who wait, and both these software take more time to render than their peers. However, the interface is designed to work on more than one panorama at a time and rarely blocks users. Based on its performance and simplicity, we can recommend Autopano for stitching panoramas, although there are certainly concerns regarding stability.

This probably depends on the specific environment, system and drivers, so we strongly suggest getting the free trial before buying. When it is working, the output is top-notch and it offers a high degree of flexibility to correct for typical panorama issues such as uneven exposure, subject movement, vignetting, etc.

The big question is to go Pro or Giga. For beginners, the Pro version gives excellent value while providing all essential features for automatically creating panoramas. The Giga version provides additional power through plug-ins which are used to process images before being fed to the stitching algorithm.

Included with Autopano Giga is a plug-in to use Adobe Lens Profiles and one to reduce haze in distant panoramas. Kolor sells Autopano Pro and Autopano Giga directly on their website.

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This method of correction directly calculates the luminance for each pixel; Autopano no longer works with the pixel values, but works with the real values of the scene. In practice, you will not see the difference on a scene with low dynamics but everything changes when . Whether you own an Autopano Video 1 or 2 or Autopano Video Pro 1 or 2 license we took the decision to offer you a single upgrade price to get Autopano Video which is ,00 € before taxes (if applicable) - the cost of a new license has not changed, it is still ,00 € before taxes per license. Good choice if the angle is low, recommended for architectural shots because it is the only mode that does not curve lines that are deemed to be straight lines. Disadvantages: Can be used only if the view angle is less than degrees along the diagonal of the image, practice shows that beyond 90 degrees the stretching of the image is already.

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