Low Price Microsoft Office Publisher 2010

Low price microsoft office publisher 2010

Low Stock Image 1 of 7 The Publisher interface will be familiar to anyone who's used recent versions of Microsoft Office products.

Image 2 of 7 Microsoft Publisher's tools such as mail merge make it easy to put together letters or cards to family and friends. Image 3 of 7 With access to Microsoft's Office. Image 4 of 7 Publisher's unique scratch area lets you import images into a document without placing them on a page. Image 5 of 7 Once an image is in Publisher's scratch area, you can rapidly switch out different images on the page to see which ones look best.

Image 6 of 7 With a single click in Publisher, you can set a photo to fill the background of an entire page. Image 7 of 7 Microsoft Publisher supports bevels, glows, 3D perspective, shadows, reflections and many other effects. Editor's Note: Microsoft recently released Microsoft Office We will test and review this new version when we next update Desktop Publishing Software.

For now, enjoy our review of Microsoft Publisher As it's one of the many programs that come with Microsoft Office, there is a good chance you already have Publisher on your computer. It's been included with higher-end copies of Office for almost 20 years, offered as a lightweight alternative to professional layout software such as Adobe InDesign.

Though it's rarely used in a professional capacity, Publisher remains a surprisingly capable desktop publishing application. It sports excellent typography tools and one of the best template selections we've ever seen. It comes up somewhat short in the area of graphics editing support, but given its strengths, especially its usefulness in creating long-form publications, Microsoft Publisher remains a great option for at-home users, earning our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award. Unlike other desktop publishing programs, Microsoft Publisher isn't designed to stand alone.

It's available as part of certain versions of Microsoft Office, and consequently pairs well with the rest of the Office suite. For example, it natively imports Microsoft Word. Likewise, if you need a table or graph from Excel in your next newsletter, you can pull it in without hassle. You can save t o PDF, but should you want full-featured, editable forms, you'll need to create them with different software. Despite its lack of compatibility with Adobe products, Publisher still shines as a layout tool.

Custom guidelines help you align objects on the page, while master pages give you control over elements that will appear on every page of a document, like page numbers or framing blocks of color. Publisher even has full support for CMYK-optimized printing. This is the printing format used by ink printers to produce clear, high quality printing.

Publisher's greatest weakness is its lack of graphic design tools. Where other desktop publishing packages let you craft logos or touch up photographs, Microsoft Publisher supports neither. Instead, it sticks to simpler effects such as 3D extrusions, bevels and basic quickshapes.

If you're not experienced with any sort of image editing or graphic design, you might not miss those omissions, but the ability to smooth out a blemish or recolor a stock logo can make all the difference between a template and a personalized publication. The true power of Microsoft Publisher is in the superb quality and selection of its templates. Unlike so many of its competitors, Publisher links to Microsoft Office's online template portfolio, which is regularly updated and sports crisp, clean designs that can easily jump-start your projects.

The template selection isn't particularly huge — you can only expect access to about different options, compared to the thousands that other programs offer — but it's diverse, covering every type of project you might undertake. Microsoft hasn't tried to inflate its numbers by offering dozens of variants of the same template.

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Get started with Publisher and use our simple tools to help you create Publish in the way that suits your audience best The most up-to-date version of Microsoft Publisher is always available with an Office subscription. Previous versions include Publisher , Publisher , Publisher , Publisher , and. Jun 10, - Microsoft Office Standard includes Publisher , Microsoft's full As such, Key Card licenses are cheaper than Boxed Full Version. Jul 19, - A visual, interactive reference guide to help you find commands in Publisher

Microsoft Publisher 2016 Review

Try it now As you can see above, both Microsoft Publisher and Lucidpress offer an accessible drag-and-drop interface along with an easy export option giving you the capability to print and share your creations. Lucidpress, however, offers a number of advantages over MS Publisher that sets it apart for the better. Your work will shine with our designer templates. Add your own text and photos, then swap out elements as you see fit. Templates create a polished look in minutes—just choose from our extensive library.

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Other publishing software requires downloads and constant updates in order to stay relevant with the latest designs and interface options. Sometimes those downloads can take a long time to complete, meaning you have to wait before you can use it. Bypass it all and jump right into designing with Lucidpress. More Features Feature Highlights With Lucidpress, the entire design process is intuitive and efficient. No special training or lengthy tutorials are needed for you to start with your creative projects.

Smooth collaboration Since Lucidpress is browser-based, you can collaborate with other users on a single document, all in real time. Chat and comment right in the editor and utilize complete teamwork capabilities while still maintaining as much control as you need.

Exchange ideas, offer constructive criticism and discover solutions together, all to create the best product you can. Drag and drop Lucidpress takes the functionality of Microsoft Publisher and places it into a sleek, easy-to-use package. You can begin designing right away without spending too much time with tutorials or how-tos.

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