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More stable than previous versions. Easily captures online video or audio while it's playing. Desktop widget visually represents discs in your drives. Cons No video rotation. Some app interfaces outdated. Burns slower than competing products. Easy movie creator removes original video sound. Bottom Line Roxio's Creator is the most powerful and feature-chocked media editing and burning suite out there, and it's made good strides in reliability, but some of its sub-applications are a bit behind the times.

This year's suite includes CinemaNow , the online movie service Roxio acquired in Also new are a burning desktop widget, Web video capture, AVCHD archiving, and the ability to pause and schedule long conversion tasks.

Plus, it's fully compatible with Windows 7. Installation is improved, taking just 10 minutes, ahead of Nero 9 Reloaded's 12 minutes on the same PC. I wondered if it was just because I was using a faster system, but when I ran the install on last year's test system, a 2GHz Athlon dual-core system with 2GB RAM, it was still much quicker: I was, however, disappointed that I couldn't choose which suite components to install Nero now lets me , and that Roxio still installs the Google Toolbar by default.

A hundred-dollar app shouldn't do that. Pro also gets you more sophisticated soundtrack tools, disaster recovery, and more advanced photo-editing tools. Get Organized: Clicking once on the disc gadget drops down a menu offering to copy or eject the disc, and right-clicking or clicking again on a small down arrow drops down more options.

The interface resembles last year's, but with much less clutter. The home screen offers big icons for the seven most popular functions: Burn data disc, burn image disc, copy disc, burn audio discs, create DVDs, edit video, and copy and convert video. These icons change to match your actual usage. The first four choices use the same window as the start interface; the rest show up-curved arrows to indicate that they launch another program. Sadly, several of the suite's sub-apps, like the Media Manager and PhotoSuite, retain outdated interfaces.

I still prefer how Nero's launcher closes and reappears when you run another program in the suite; Roxio's works as an independent app. I do appreciate that you can just start any major suite component from the Windows Start menu. Another plus is that you can do more right from the home interface, like burn disc images.

And the top of each sub-page in the start app now shows the top three actions for each category: That's depressing, but overall I got far fewer errors than in the previous version. The same app works for importing both images and videos. My workaround was to import from the Photo page. This meant, however, that my videos were in the Pictures folder rather than in Videos. And for some reason, it didn't import the PNG images on the iPhone.

The advanced digital movie editor hasn't changed much. It can add tons of effects and transitions to your cinematic creations. One notable lack is the ability to rotate video. Most of us have used a point-and-shoot camera or iPhone sideways or upside down to shoot a video. Most popular software—and even some free software including Picasa —can rotate video to fix this. It's overdue in Roxio.

The suite's much-improved CineMagic app makes it easy to create video compilations. CineMagic takes you through a three-step process that combines your footage and photos, and adds background music and titles. New this year, you can select scenes from within your clips. You can even have the selector window automatically highlight scenes that are dark, fuzzy, or those that include action or people.

It's not perfect, however—it missed that one talking head video contained people. I had 16 style choices for my instant movie, from baby to Xtreme. After choosing one, all that was left was picking a title and subtitle and setting the target length.

If you want to do more customization, the software offers more effects and transitions, including 37 in 3D, and a remarkable 99 special effects, from Abstract Stretch to Whirls and Waves.

On top of this, you can choose from 37 overlays to add, such as frames and textures, and you can even create custom ones. Over 50 text styles are available for your titles and captions, and you can add your own audio or canned audio as a background soundtrack. The previous version of Creator hiccupped when I made movies combining standard- and high-definition clips, creating an unviewable result.

I'm happy to report that this time around I mixed content of all resolutions without a problem. I'm still disappointed that CineMagic forces you to choose an audio track to replace the original video's audio track, which is automatically erased. Even the fledgling, entry-level Corel Digital Studio lets you mix the original sound with a musical soundtrack in its automatic productions. Once all your clips and effects are just how you want them, the Output menu gives you welcome new choices: The workflow to disc authoring was something I'd missed in the last version.

In the online sharing option, you can sign into your YouTube account right from VideoWave. The exporter created a YouTube-compatible version of my clip in a mere 3 minutes. You can have the burning software fit your project size to the target disc or leave it original size. The software can autodetect chapters, but you may need to double-check this, as it created many inappropriate three-second chapters in my production.

The resulting disc played flawlessly in a separate DVD player. It lets them offload video content from the camera onto DVDs or Blu-ray discs at the original resolution. Multiple discs can be spanned if necessary, and the interface makes the process a straightforward one. You can label your discs with a separate utility that gives you lots of control over the style, text, and layout of your labels; it supports LightScribe and LabelFlash drives, which can burn the title info directly onto special disc media.

Playing Movies The player component of the suite, CinePlayer, handles 20 common video formats. New in this version of Creator is integration with CinemaNow, which lets you rent and buy digital movies.

Roxio Venue implements this capability: The selection included recent DVD releases you'd see in your local video store. You can play bought movies on up to three devices. Some of the movies are available in HD, but none of these are major titles. About 15 seconds after my download started, enough had buffered that I could start watching.

The picture was crisp, but the sound was muffled and with occasional stutters. The answer is a qualified yes: Most movies don't allow it, and you need a "Qflix"-compliant burner and special Qflix media—neither of which are common.

Also, it takes a long time and several gigabytes of disk space to get ready for the burn. Could I play my purchased movie on a portable? Again, a qualified yes: You can watch some movies on Windows "Plays for Sure" devices, but not on the iPod.

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Roxio upgrade goes awry Nearly indistinguishable packaging turns one reader's Creator Pro upgrade into a major headache After several months of hearing about the great new features in Roxio's Creator Pro , Gripe Line reader Mark finally decided he'd bite the bullet. He bought a copy -- or so he thought -- at his local Office Depot. The store personnel were confused as to the current version of this software.

Roxio made the packaging for Creator Pro and almost indistinguishable from each other. Find out how to take your tech vendor to small claims court -- and win.

Frustrated by tech support? Get answers in InfoWorld's Gripe Line newsletter. Now he was officially unhappy. He persisted and was told various information by tech support. But Mark was determined not to pay a penny more for the software because of this silly mistake, so he dug in and researched the issue. The store personnel all believed Roxio should honor a free upgrade to customers that purchase Creator during some sort of grace period.

Get expert insights from our member-only Insider articles. I contacted Roxio spokesperson Chris Taylor on Mark's behalf and he looked into the matter. Taylor found that customer service at Roxio did indeed speak to Mark on several occasions.

There were the two Mark mentioned. Taylor promised to investigate why communication broke down between Mark and Roxio's support team. He also asked Mark to send his receipt to Roxio so that the customer service team could work to get him his refund. Got gripes or questions? This story, " Roxio upgrade goes awry ," was originally published at InfoWorld. Christina Wood is a freelance writer living in North Carolina.

She blogs at GeekGirlfriends.

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