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Bring It On! During the webinar we did in June introducing version 4. I feel compelled to provide a preliminary response to the questions and comments. I will say one thing, though. We are getting our messaging ready for the release of Office By the time SharePoint Workspace is released, it will be really clear where Colligo fits in and where SharePoint Workspace fits in.

This should give you some idea what we will be talking about when Office is released: Colligo Contributor is a platform that supports many SharePoint functions on a users desktop and exposes them through a. As we evolve our product line, we work to fill in the holes in the MS product offering — to ensure that specific scenarios such as ECM, or email management, or network file share replacement, or Exchange Public Folder replacement are supported well by the combination of SharePoint and Colligo Contributor.

This is the key to our strategy. In addition to the three standard interfaces Client, Outlook Add-In, and Windows Explorer File Manager that we offer today, many customers have developed custom SharePoint client applications using the Contributor SDK, so they can streamline and improve the user experience.

This capability will be further enhanced in future releases. The Colligo Contributor run-time engine is highly configurable for the management of metadata and content types. User-defined default metadata and automatic email metadata extraction are a couple of examples. This will be extended to support new capabilities in SharePoint The Outlook Add-In interface is unique and unlike anything Microsoft offers. It provides a complete SharePoint experience in Outlook, again to fill an unmet need.

One of the new capabilities is the ability to manage email attachments in SharePoint; something IT has needed for quite awhile. Again, unique in Contributor is the File Manager, which provides a complete SharePoint experience in Windows Explorer, including the presentation and management of SharePoint metadata, templates, etc.

Contributor supports and will continue to support SharePoint , and , as well as Office , and This provides our customers a lot of flexibility as they upgrade Office and SharePoint. In fact, even today many enterprises have still not upgraded to Office How quickly will they make the transition to Office ? Colligo is super light weight and easy to use, with few dependencies.

Colligo Offers a sophisticated SharePoint download product, Colligo Reader, to the community completely free of charge. Thousands of organizations all over the World have deployed Colligo Contributor. Sure, we do it, but Contributor is so much more than that now. Humbly, we believe we are the leaders in the SharePoint client market today and offer the richest and deepest products and technologies.

Others seem to agree with us, too. For example, a recent article in ReadWriteEnterprise proclaimed: We believe we will continue to lead in the future.

But we will do it by complementing, not competing with, SharePoint Workspace We were in the peer to peer space back then, but again our product was completely differentiated and served a different customer. Then again in when Microsoft bought Groove, we were going to be dead… Nope, sorry.

Then in when Office came out and Groove was positioned as the offline client for SharePoint. Now again in

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