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Office Personal is the subscription plan designed for a single person who needs Office on a single computer. Office gives you access to download and use the latest version of Office. You can either subscribe through your Microsoft account with a credit card or buy yearly Office codes and add them to your account to redeem subscription time. Microsoft also offers a one-month free trial of Office Personal , so you can try it before paying anything. However, it also includes Outlook, Publisher, and Access.

In addition, you get 1 TB of online storage space in OneDrive and 60 minutes of Skype minutes every month. You can use these minutes to call phones from Skype. You can only download and use Office through Office if your subscription is current. If you stop paying for the subscription, you lose access to your Office applications. Just deactivate the license from your Windows PC and install it on your Mac. Office Home: An Office Subscription for Up to Five People Office Home is the subscription plan designed for families—or people who need Office on more than one computer at a time.

Office Home includes everything Office Personal includes, but for up to five computers instead of one computer. Up to five Microsoft accounts can get 1TB of cloud storage each, and up to five Skype accounts can get 60 minutes of monthly Skype minutes each. Which Should You Buy? Microsoft has adjusted the numbers to make an Office subscription look like a better deal for most people.

If you need more than one copy of Office, Office Home seems like a much better deal. Office will only be a better deal if you keep using Office for more than seven and a half years, which seems unlikely. Office Online: Note that Excel and PowerPoint use staggered, turn-by-turn, quasi-real-time collaboration.

More context, for richer documents Word is the other tentpole application in Office, and it, too, is reassuringly the same for the most part. Smart Lookup, also known as Insights. Right-click a word or phrase in Word , and a limited number of options pop up: In Word , you get more—including options to translate the word or phrase, find synonyms, and so on. Note that the attribution is automatically appended via Wikipedia. With both the old Define and the new Smart Lookup, a right-hand pane provides additional information.

But whereas Define used Bing to explain the word in question, Smart Lookup provides context: You can cut and paste text from Smart Lookup, or drag an image into the body of the text. Sadly, nothing like that is available. Highlight a word or phrase and click the Wikipedia app, and a more robust version of Wikipedia opens up. Even better, any image that appears in the pane can be clicked once to add it to the text, with attribution and license info automatically appended.

These are all nice touches. Not so nice is the portal to the Apps for Office store, which has not been updated for Office No wonder the Apps for Office store basically failed. Time to do some rewriting. And no, this was the only app open. Note that all these additional insights, however, can seriously cramp anything but a widescreen monitor. You could potentially have a document recovery pane, revision pane, Insights pane, and Wikipedia pane all bracketing your main document.

On a standard p monitor, however, it looked just fine. For now, however, the sharing experience differs sharply between apps like PowerPoint and Word. Then you invite one or a series of people to edit it, using the Share button, which opens up an in-app message box.

You can also eliminate all that and simply send a link. Permissions are built in, so you can send one link to view, and another to edit. As long as all parties have Office or later versions, real-time editing can take place: Invited guests can add, edit, or delete content in a sort of collaborative free-for-all.

That can be managed, however, by some relatively fine-grained editing restrictions, such as locking format changes, restricting a user to making only tracked changes, or by blocking him or her entirely while letting other users make free, unrestricted edits. You can attach a comment to the document itself, or to a specific location in the text which then shows up as an icon.

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However, the forced subscription for the latest version and high-price of the Microsoft offers an amazing military discount on their Microsoft Office Professional Plus This version does not include Publisher or AccessFind MS Office too heavy, confusing and even pricey for your requirements?

Here are the best Microsoft Office alternatives that you can use. Buy the Office thats best for you—Create your best work with Office Office gives you the power and flexibility to get things done from virtually anywhere. Pro Tip: The equation editor has a Select and Correct option if Microsoft Office fails to recognize the symbols. Draw a marquee around the symbol and choose from one of the alternatives provided. Go to Smart Lookup for Extra Information.

Built around its own versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, it offers excellent compatibility Microsoft Office once had an unquestioned stranglehold on the world of productivity suites and programs. Whether you are looking for the entire Microsoft Office Suite or extra programs like Publisher or Access, we carry a variety of software options to get the right software for your home or business.

Be sure to review all of our additional office and business software , including PDF software. Versatile Software Packages It's easy to select just the right programs for your needs and budget. Students can find programs that meet their needs, or you can buy individual programs instead of the entire Office Suite. Additional Microsoft Programs In addition to popular programs from Microsoft Office, there are other programs designed to help with more specialized work.

Look for Microsoft Access to help you quickly build convenient apps for managing data, like contacts, customer billing or orders, without the need for programming knowledge. Design professional-looking marketing materials and publications with Microsoft Publisher. Create professional-looking diagrams to share with associates using Visio. Whatever needs your business has, Microsoft has programs to help you do your work more effectively and professionally.

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